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The public is unlikely to learn specifics of the physical altercation between UFC president Dana White and his wife, Anne White, at a nightclub in Mexico because of strict privacy laws that prohibit even the confirmation of a domestic-violence investigation.
K.S.N.V. T.V. News 3
Did the system fail 41-year-old Tamika Williams? That’s the haunting question on one family’s mind after police say the woman was killed by her boyfriend.
The Nevada Independent
The months-long, multiracial protests against police violence and for racial equality are a demand for change, and states such as Colorado are listening. The Legislature is at risk of not heeding the call. The proposed police reform bill for the current special session does not do half of what Colorado did. If Nevada is serious about meaningful change, our Legislature must deliver police reform at least as strong as Colorado’s.
K.S.N.V. T.V. News 3
At The Center, Las Vegas' resource for the LGBTQ community, 19-year-old Chrystal McKinley will tell you what discrimination feels like.
Las Vegas Review Journal
We are saddened and frightened by the shootings in Las Vegas during recent protests. A Metro police officer was shot, and, in a separate incident, police killed another person believed to be an armed protester. We hope for the survival of the officer and grieve the loss of the civilian’s life. These shootings are not representative of the community-wide protests and vigils, but they arise in a city that has long been simmering with tension between police and local residents.
Wyoming Public Media
Three Nevadans face terrorism-related charges after allegedly plotting to incite violence at recent protests in Las Vegas over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed while in police custody.
In a stark change from the Clinton era, the Democratic Presidential candidates all seem to be calling for dramatic changes to the criminal justice system. On the surface, they have many of the same positions, like ending private prisons, fixing racial disparities, and reducing incarceration. From our vantage point as scholars who are especially concerned about the impact of the law on poor and racial minority communities, we see meaningful differences.
Nevada Current
A 2020 U.S. Census undercount could have potentially large ripple effects for everything the census determines — from how congressional seats are distributed around the country to where hundreds of billions of federal dollars are spent.