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The skies can be clear, blue, and tranquil. "And all of a sudden, boom, you hit it," Dan Bubb, a former airline pilot and now an aviation historian at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, told Mashable.
The biggest issue you'd face is reaching that speed in the first place.
The Boston Globe
Re “Titan submersible implosion: another safety lesson learned through tragedy” (Editorial, June 24): Despite our ability to adapt and our incredible intelligence, humans can’t live in the extreme conditions of the deep ocean. The use of an experimental submersible that was not tested with the full rigor necessary to operate it as a commercial vessel should never have been allowed.
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Questions still remain after a missing Titanic submersible suffered a 'catastrophic implosion' and left five people dead.
Popular Mechanics
To reverse signals in time, we’ve always used a digital approach. Now, a new analog method could dramatically improve wireless communications.
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It is said that science is a mosaic of contributions from all over the world. Modern science has, however, been hailed as a product of Western civilization for centuries, with the narrative of its history centered around seventeenth-century European gentlemen, who distinguished themselves from the scholastic schoolmen of yore by seeking to uncover the laws of nature. This narrative has provided a powerful resource to explain the economic and political hegemony of Europe in the centuries to follow. But how accurate is the idea and notion of formulating science as a product of Western attitudes? And if that’s not the case, is it more incumbent than ever for the science community at large to help the world regard science as a global enterprise?
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) announced today the selection of 18 teams from different Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) across the United States to participate in the 2021 Summer Research Team (SRT) program.
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A Wisconsin fire department's warning on social media about leaving sanitizer in a hot car is spreading around the nation.