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Christian Science Monitor
Where’s the best place to look for an aspiring teacher? These days, school leaders are launching talent searches inside their own buildings. In Nevada, districts are increasingly turning to their support staff members – such as bus drivers, substitute teachers, cafeteria workers – as possible recruits.
K.T.N.V. T.V. ABC 13
On Saturday, the 9th annual Summit at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas brought educators, administrators, and community members, all with a shared goal: addressing the challenges facing education in the state.
The News-Gazette
This is encouraging: Between 2018 and 2022, the number of teachers, assistant principals and paraprofessionals across the Land of Lincoln grew by 7,000, according to a new study by the advocacy group Advance Illinois.
Las Vegas Sun
For many of us, the path to a satisfying and life-sustaining career is seldom a direct one. Changing gears mid-career is not for the faint of heart.
The Nevada Independent
Twenty years ago, Lushawn Threats started an elementary education program at the College of Southern Nevada — the first step in the Cheyenne High School graduate’s lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.
Las Vegas Sun
Nancy Lough is the driving force behind UNLV’s new sport management master’s degree program. The program, which began in the fall semester, boasts over a dozen students, and Lough thinks it can grow to be one of the most coveted degrees of its kind in the country.
He’s a jolly guy and he puts on a good face for his students and staff. But behind the scenes he’s exhausted.
Wyoming Public Media
It’s mid-morning at Gwendolyn Woolley Elementary School in North Las Vegas and principal Joseph Uy is walking the hallways. He greets kids and is wearing a mask with a picture of the school mascot on it – a woolly mammoth.