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Katelyn DiBenedetto holds an arrowhead
Research | October 20, 2016
From finances to energy, health care, and more, UNLV graduate student researchers are asking important questions about America’s future.
Research | December 1, 2015
UNLV has reached a licensing agreement with Abel Therapeutics, a start-up company that seeks to commercialize the discoveries of biochemistry professor Ernesto Abel-Santos.
Research | April 17, 2014
Chemistry professor developing treatment to help the good bacteria battle the bad bacteria in your stomach.
Campus News | April 3, 2014
A collection of recent news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.
Portrait of Ernesto Abel-Santos
Research | November 1, 2013
UNLV faculty discoveries have commercial applications with value to the university, the private sector, and, ultimately, you. Learn about UNLV chemistry professor Ernesto Abel-Santos, who is working to move his innovative thinking out of the laboratory and into the boardroom.