Katherine M. Hertlein

Program Director, Couple and Family Therapy
Professor for the Couple and Family Therapy Program
Expertise: Infidelity, Sex Therapy, Child and Adolescent Therapy, Technology and Relationships, Internet Infidelity, High-Risk Sexual Behavior


Katherine M. Hertlein is a globally recognized researcher studying sexuality, technology, and its effects on couples. As she examines the role of technology in couple and family life, Hertlein has developed the first multi-theoretical model on this issue.

In addition to technology and relationships, Hertlein’s other areas of expertise include infidelity, sexuality, high-risk sexual behavior, child and adolescent therapy, and cyber issues in couple and family therapy. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Approved Supervisor, and a PREPARE/ENRICH Certified Counselor.

Hertlein has co-authored 8 books, including Handbook for the Clinical Treatment of Infidelity, The Therapist’s Notebook for Family Healthcare, Handbook for the Treatment of Infidelity, Systemic Sex Therapy, and A Clinician’s Guide to Systemic Sex Therapy, which are used in many couples and family therapy training programs around the United States. She has published more than 60 articles in the notable journals in her field, contributed over 40 chapters to books, and serves on the editorial boards for several academic journals. She was recently appointed as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy.

Hertlein earned the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Outstanding Research Award twice and the Greenpsun College Teaching Award. She also has won the Barrick Scholar Award, the Regent's Rising Researcher Award,  Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor, and Supervisor of the Year award from the Nevada Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.


  • B.A., Psychology, Truman State University
  • M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy, Purdue University Calumet

  • Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, Virginia Tech University

Katherine M. Hertlein In The News

The News Today
January 2, 2019
A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 62 percent of respondents said politics was the topic they dread most when relatives get together at the holidays. And nearly one-third said they planned to avoid the subject.
November 9, 2018
Believe it or not, there are some seemingly harmless habits that can undermine your sex life. Some of them even take place far away from the bedroom.
August 27, 2018
Whatever kind of romantic relationship you may be in - whether you’re married, in a domestic partnership, or dating - it’s inevitable that there will be stressful times mixed in with the bliss.
Las Vegas Sun
March 16, 2018
UNLV’s new School of Medicine has scored its first triumph. Professor Katherine Hertlein, who studies romantic and family relationships for the school’s psychiatry and behavioral health department, has garnered a Fulbright scholarship, one of the most important academic designations in the U.S. It will enable Hertlein, who also is a therapist, to further develop her studies—specifically, how relationships are affected by technology—at the University of Salzburg in Austria, where she’ll teach two classes and conduct a survey starting in March 2019. The Weekly recently spoke with her about her studies and award.

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