J. Daniel Chi

Professor and Chair, Department of Finance
Advisory Board Member, UNLV Institute for Financial Literacy and Wellness
Expertise: Behavioral finance, Retirement planning, Investments, Stocks, Savings accounts, 401k & Roth IRA, Corporate finance, Market competition, Entrepreneurship


Daniel Chi is a professor and chair of the Department of Finance in the Lee Business School at UNLV. He researches topics including corporate finance, product-market competition, financial markets and institutions, investments, financial modeling, and behavioral finance. 

He is on the advisory board of UNLV's Institute for Financial Literacy and Wellness, which offers a holistic approach to promote financial empowerment and expand access to financial education (such as borrowing, savings, and stocks) and counseling. Chi continues to teach a wide range of classes focusing on financial literacy.

His research — which has touched on topics including the value of cash increased over time, short-horizon incentives, and stock price inflation — has been published in peer-reviewed publications such as the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, and Financial Management.

Chi has been a recipient of both the UNLV Department of Finance’s Research Award and Teaching Award. Additionally, he served as the inaugural director of UNLV’s Master of Science in Quantitative Finance (MSQF) program from 2019-2022. He also currently serves as the CFO, vice president, and treasurer for the Nevada Center on Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan nonprofit that offers seminars, speakers, and education regarding national security, justice, and peace.


  • Ph.D., Finance, Texas A&M University
  • M.B.A., Idaho State University
  • B.E., Qingdao University (China)

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J. Daniel Chi In The News

Vegas Inc
Remember the toilet paper crisis in April 2020? Not only was toilet paper hard to find, but even if you did find a few rolls, the price probably had quadrupled. While busy contemplating how to do our daily business without toilet paper, the entire nation also felt bewildered. How could this have happened?
Vegas Inc
As revolving credit card debt and high financing costs persist, experts are raising doubts about whether credit can keep bridging the gap between growing, but not momentous, income growth and aspirational spending.
Vegas Inc
When my kids were little, we would occasionally give them a few dollars as a reward. They would put the money in their pocket, then take it out and stare at it, then put it back into the pocket, and repeat. They clutched the money so tight for so long, it became a crumpled paper ball. They imagined the candies and toys they could buy and couldn’t wait to spend the money. Money burned a hole in their pocket. Most kids are like that. But many adults are like that, too! Why is saving money is so hard? How come the desire to spend is so unquenchable?
Now is the time to master your money, April is Financial Literacy Month, underscoring the value of financial education in a rapidly evolving economy. Whether you just started earning money or have been earning money for a long time, there is always an opportunity to reflect upon your spending and gradually improve your financial health. It starts with what you know.

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