H. Jeremy Cho

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Expertise: Atmospheric water harvesting, Energy, Heat mass transfer, Soft materials, Imaging, Data science


H. Jeremy Cho is a UNLV mechanical engineer whose research specializes in converting water vapor into a drinkable form. Since moving to Nevada, he has focused on solutions to the Southwest water crisis through atmospheric water harvesting.

Cho has expertise in soft matter physics and phase-change heat transfer, and constantly looks for ways to convert energy more efficiently (fossil fuels, solar, geothermal, steam energies, etc.). His lab explores the use of soft materials, such as hydrogels, finding new technologies to slow the threats of climate change.

He received a CAREER Award from th National Science Foundation for his work on atmospheric water harvesting in 2022. Before joining UNLV in 2019, he was a postdoc at Princeton working with soft matter physics and did research at MIT on phase-change heat transfer.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • S.M., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

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H. Jeremy Cho In The News

Las Vegas Sun
Three UNLV professors are working on an iron-production method that doesn’t generate carbon emissions, part of an effort to clean up one of the world’s dirtiest industries.

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