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Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences
An expert in ecology, fire management, and U.S. National Parks.
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Professor of Law
An expert in public lands and natural resources law.
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Associate Professor of Communication Studies
An expert on science communication, religion and politics.
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Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
An expert in atmospheric water harvesting.
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Associate Professor, School of Public Health
An expert on public health, and its relations to food, physical activity and community design.
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Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
An expert on renewable energy and climate change mitigation.
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Professor of Hydrology, College of Sciences
An expert on water resources, paleoclimatology, and environmental pollution. 
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Professor of Geology
Lachniet is an expert in paleoclimatology, quaternary geology, climate change and stable isotope geochemistry.
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Assistant Professor of Public Policy
An expert on sustainability governance by cities, states, and corporations globally.
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Professor, School of Architecture
An expert in architecture, urban design, and sustainable development.
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Associate Professor in School of Public Policy & Leadership
An expert in regional demographics, workforce development, and sustainable economic development.
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Lee Professor of Strategy
An expert in strategy and global management.