Ashkan Salamat

Assistant Professor of Physics
Expertise: Physics, Chemistry


Ashkan Salamat is an assistant professor of physics at the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Salamat is also a part of UNLV’s High Pressure Science and Engineering Center, a multidisciplinary group that explores fundamental experimental, computational, and engineering problems of materials under high pressure.

Salamat’s research focuses on identifying the precise makeup of metal superhydrides – extremely hydrogen-rich materials – and techniques to readily synthesize them. Prior to joining UNLV, Salamat was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, researching warm dense hydrogen. In 2019, Salamat was one of just 46 university professors nationwide – and the first from UNLV – to earn an Early Career Award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

Salamat currently manages the Salamat Lab at UNLV, exploring the high energy density landscape of light elemental (H-C-N-O) systems and their related compounds, which are relevant for Fundamental and Applied sciences.


  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University College London, UK
  • M.Sci, Chemistry, Imperial College, UK

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True Viral News
The result of a group of physicists at the University of Rochester was featured on the cover of the journal Nature. They claimed to have found a room-temperature superconductor that does not require cooling systems. Although it was just a speck of carbon, sulfur, and hydrogen forged under extreme pressures, the hope was that the material would lead to variants that would enable lossless electricity grids and inexpensive magnets for magnetic resonance machines.
The Nevada Independent
Water and tourism woes at Lake Mead, a breakdown of the Inflation Reduction Act and a scientific discovery at UNLV.
Two years ago, a team of physicists synthesized a room-temperature superconducting material for the first time, making the material superconducting at 15°C under an extreme pressure of 267 GPa. Recently, the team published new research breaking the previous record, making the material appear superconducting at room temperature with only 91 GPa pressure.
True Viral News
Less than two years after shocking the science world with the discovery of a material capable of room-temperature superconductivity, a team of UNLV physicists has reproduced the feat at the lowest pressure ever recorded.

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