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T.R. Witcher

Freelance Writer

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Marijuana enclosed in a glass tube and grown in a laboratory.
Oct 3, 2017
Campus News

Court will hear arguments to determine role of alcohol distributors in stocking cannabis dispensaries.

Douglas Duncan and Israel Alvarado
Apr 25, 2017

With limited options in Nevada for top-notch scientists, two UNLV grads welcome the high-tech jobs that the marijuana industry brought.

Tubes containing cannabis
Apr 25, 2017
Business & Community

UNLV alumni tell us why they took a chance on Nevada’s budding marijuana industry.

Kennedy and Nixon debate
Oct 12, 2016
Campus News

A primer on televised debates and the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Debate Illustration
Oct 12, 2016
Campus News

UNLV is hosting the final presidential debate of 2016. Here’s how we landed the big event and what that says about the rise of our university and our city.