A skeleton stands at a balcony looking out over the library

We Won't Let Your Studies Calcify

Mandy the Skeleton keeps a watchful eye over the Lied Library.

A skeleton sits at a desk

While reference requests are being done remotely at ask.library.unlv.edu, Mandy’s still hoping someone stops by the Reference Desk with a question. 


A skeleton kicks up its feet on a desk

With nobody coming in for books, Mandy’s watching Tiger King on Netflix at the Circulation Desk.


A skeleton looks over a computer screen

It’s easy to find an open computer on the first floor.


A skeleton looks inside a coffee shop

No line at the Book ‘n’ Bean, but he still can’t get a mocha latte.



Skeletal hands peruse the "pandemic" entry in the dictionary
A skeleton sits at a table reading a book

A history buff loves going through Special Collections and Archives materials.

A supine skeleton reads a book on spinal cord injuries

Mandy does a little self-diagnosis.

A skeleton pulls a book off the shelf

Taking a spin through the stacks.

A skeleton reads from a pile of books
Skeletal feet poke out of a restroom stall

Everyone needs a potty break. 


A skeleton stands in front of a whiteboard

Mandy says to wash your hands often.


A skeleton takes a box out of a freezer

When it’s time for lunch and the cafe is closed, Mandy might swipe a co-worker’s leftovers. 


A skeleton works at a digital scanner

Scanning old family photos in Digital Collections. 


A skeleton lays across a rack of newspapers

Someone found a place to nap in the library.


A skeleton rides an escalator
A skeleton peers through a glass wall

If only the Makerspace was open, Mandy could 3D print some friends.


A skeleton holds its hands on its head

The printer is jammed!


A skeleton leans an elbow on a sign

And nobody is around to help.


A skeleton stands at a computer outside a collections room
A skeleton sits on a copy machine

When there’s nothing else to do, make a copy.


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