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UNLV Alumni Attitude Survey

We conducted the first comprehensive survey of alumni opinions of UNLV in 10 years. Here’s what we learned.

Campus News  |  May 1, 2018  |  By UNLV News Center
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You said you're proud to be a Rebel…

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...of you say your decision to go to UNLV was “good” or “great”
Graduates of Hospitality, Urban Affairs, and Allied Health programs were especially enthusiastic about their experience.
...of you are happy with the direction your careers are going
Young grads showed the least satisfaction. But don’t fret too much. The data shows that satisfaction grows significantly over time.

Top factors affecting your current opinion of UNLV

  1. The value and respect of a UNLV degree
  2. Scholarship opportunities UNLV provides students *
  3. The accomplishments of current students and faculty

The top skills UNLV helped you develop

  1. Collaborating with others
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Critical thinking
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“This survey made it clear to us you care about UNLV. We’re sharing your feedback across campus so we can improve programs for both current students and our alumni.”

- Chad Warren (
Executive director of the UNLV Alumni Association
Reach out with your suggestions for improving alumni programs.

And you had great suggestions for us…

You said

When you were a student, the opportunity to interact with alumni was very important to you.

So we are enhancing mentoring programs.

From speaking in a class to serving on an advisory board, you’d be surprised how many ways you can help current students. But we can do much more. Fostering student-alumni interactions is part UNLV’s Top Tier strategic plan.

You said

You’d have liked more career services support as a student and now you believe it’s important for all alumni to help identify job opportunities for fellow Rebels.

So we are rebuilding programs hurt by the recession.

UNLV and the Alumni Association is reinvesting in career services programs all across campus to make that easier. In the meantime, visit the website to access 42 webinars covering all stages of career development.

You said

You want to be invited to campus events more often — even when it’s unlikely that you may attend.

So we are extending a standing invitation!

Alumni relations is rethinking its approach to events and will work to share more information with you.

You said

Geographic distance and time are the top barriers to getting involved in alumni programs.

So we are coming to a city near you.

With 40 percent of our graduates living outside Nevada, UNLV knows it’s important to boost regional events and clubs programs. Reach out to help organize one near you.

You said

You ranked engagement with UNLV’s social media fairly low in terms of importance as activity for alumni.

So we are hmm…hoping you’ll reconsider.

Being an ambassador for UNLV — in both the virtual and real worlds — goes a long way in raising the reputation of UNLV and the value of your degree. So please like, follow, and share your Rebel pride.

You said

Our most ardent alumni love stories about campus history, community engagement, and the accomplishments of fellow alumni.  

So we are bringing you more.

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