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Liz Smith Named 2014 Classified Employee of the Year

Congratulations also go to honorees Leslie Matys, Takiyah Ray, and Marni Montgomery-Blake.
People  |  Jun 26, 2014  |  By UNLV News Center

Elizabeth "Liz" Smith of the geoscience department was named Classified Employee of the Year for 2014 at an awards ceremony and luncheon earlier this week. Also honored for their service at the event were Leslie Matys of landscape, grounds & arboretum, second-place winner; Takiyah Ray of the office of diversity initiatives, third-place winner; and Marni Montgomery-Blake, Rookie of the Year.

The awards recognize employees who have excelled in and exceeded the normal duties of their jobs. They received plaques as well as monetary awards ranging from $250 to $1,000. Next month, the UNLV News Center will publish feature stories on them.

The nominees for Classified Employee of the Year included Connie Dye of sociology, Lisa Escher of the School of Nursing, Theresa Farmer of the office of decision support, Brian Hedrick of facilities maintenance, Sonja Longoria of accounting, Annette Mann of the Boyd School of Law, Susan Ochoa of the registrar's office, Judy Smith of reprographics/design services, Kara Toma of the office of the vice president for finance and business, Maritza White of the Black Mountain Institute, and Conrad Wilson of facilities maintenance.

Other nominees for Rookie of the Year were Tonya Grindle of the University Preschool, Heather Napa of history, Brianna Silverio of the College of Fine Arts, and Dana Tasso of the controller's office.

Service Awards

Additionally, the following employees were recognized at the ceremony for reaching a service milestone at UNLV:

30 Years

  • Scott Glimp, facilities maintenance services

25 Years

  • Gregory Dees, landscape, grounds & arboretum
  • John Fox, University Libraries
  • Michele Johnson-Read, office of information technology
  • Roger Keyes, office of information technology
  • William Lamm, office of information technology
  • Tamara Nelson, admissions & recruitment

20 Years

  • Antonio Duron, landscape, grounds & arboretum
  • Sonja Longoria, accounting
  • Chris Lowe, facilities management
  • James McKoy, School of Life Sciences
  • Brett Phillips, facility maintenance services
  • Saundra Pratt, Faculty Senate
  • Marlon Ratliff, custodial services
  • Manolo Saenz, facilities maintenance services
  • Diane Sessions, student accounts and cashiering
  • Victor Wellbourne, facilities maintenance services

15 Years

  • Rick Agrellas, facilities maintenance services
  • Jeffrey Blaase, facilities maintenance services
  • Susan Braun, School of Social Work
  • Lydia Del Rio, telecommunications
  • Beverly Dixon, continuing education
  • Rhonda Groce, international programs
  • Martha Hard-Batzloff, Boyd School of Law
  • Max Hardy, reprographics/design services
  • Chelsea Herrington, provost, academic resources
  • Robin Jenness, continuing education
  • David Jordan, custodial services
  • Linda Lucken, custodial services
  • Kathleen Marx, University Libraries
  • Bettie McCrae, multicultural engineering program
  • Omar Molina, landscape, grounds & arboretum
  • Oscar Olivas, intercollegiate athletics
  • Hugh Orr, facilities management
  • Sophie Parise, College of Liberal Arts
  • Robert Pascoe, facilities maintenance services
  • Jarrett Peper, Thomas & Mack Center
  • Cynthia Phillips, provost, academic resources
  • Glenn Pugh, inventory control
  • Gregory Runnels, intercollegiate athletics
  • William Saucier, Thomas & Mack Center
  • Sandra Stevens, University Libraries
  • Susan Tackstrom, School of Community Health Sciences
  • Marie Torres, Philosophy
  • Salvador Villanueva, custodial services
  • Melvin Warm, Student Wellness Center, facilities & recreation services
  • Sheila Williams, Thomas & Mack Center.

10 Years

  • Brett Booker, Thomas & Mack Center
  • Christina Burnam, campus life
  • Antonia Contreras, custodial services
  • George Ebner, facilities maintenance services
  • Raymond Figueredo, custodial services
  • Paul Flinders, landscape, grounds & arboretum
  • Tammie Fox, intercollegiate athletics
  • Gustavo Gomez, campus life facilities & operations
  • Gary Gray, facilities maintenance services
  • Janice Halecki, University Libraries
  • Aaron Hanna, campus life facilities & operations
  • Javier Hernandez, police services
  • Isabel Higgins, custodial services
  • Ruth Ann Hogan, continuing education
  • Gary Horan, facilities maintenance services
  • Kenneth Hughes, facilities maintenance services
  • Martha Koch, educational psychology & higher education
  • Rodolfo Lasquite, custodial services
  • Benjamin Lum, delivery services
  • Karen Maldonado, Graduate College
  • Monica Maley-Sidwell, facilities management, finance & business operations
  • Jose Miramontes, facilities maintenance services
  • Elizabeth Moore, Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach
  • Kent Neilson, Sam Boyd Stadium
  • Richard Novinsky, Student Union & Event Services
  • Sandra O'Brien, dance
  • Michele Overly, School of Dental Medicine
  • Timothy Price, campus life facilities & operations
  • Melvin Russell, facilities maintenance services
  • Carolina Sanchez, custodial services
  • Michele Sanders, English
  • Barbara Shallcross, School of Dental Medicine
  • Dale Shigenaga, Hotel College
  • Jarrell Siler, custodial services
  • Jason Simmons, custodial services
  • Shana Skeary, telecommunications
  • Judy Smith, reprographics/design services
  • Susan Summers, English
  • Megan Svarz, Graduate College
  • Eduardo Tayong, custodial services
  • Cindy Thomas, School of Dental Medicine
  • Christopher Valmore, reprographics/design services
  • Candace Warkentin, College of Education
  • Larry Warkentin, risk management & safety
  • Pamela Weiss, interdisciplinary degrees
  • Angie Wynne, Sam Boyd Stadium

Five Years

  • Enriqueta Acevedo, facilities maintenance services
  • Edward Barone, facilities maintenance services
  • Stanley Berry, police services
  • Willie Brown, Student Union & Event Services
  • Regina Cardona, School of Dental Medicine
  • Paul Castillo, Student Union & Event Services
  • Christopher Chavez, Student Recreation and Wellness Center, facilities & recreation services
  • Pramate Churchville, Boyd School of Law
  • Daniel Clemente, custodial services
  • Humberto Granitto, campus housing facilities
  • Arlene Hernandez, student accounts and cashiering
  • Stewart Hitchcock, facilities maintenance services
  • Robert Howard, facilities maintenance services
  • Ericka Jeschke, University Libraries
  • Richard Leonard, University Libraries
  • Kathryn Levasseur, psychology
  • Marsha MacDuff, campus life
  • Candice Marin, Thomas & Mack Center
  • Robert McInerney, facilities maintenance services
  • Scott Miller, School of Life Sciences
  • Joy Montano, Performing Arts Center
  • Fernando Nuno-Ramirez, landscape, grounds & arboretum
  • Michael O'Heren, custodial services
  • Michelle Ommen, vice president, research & economic development
  • Nelson Paredes , custodial services
  • Ema Quiroz, custodial services
  • Takiyah Ray, office of diversity initiatives
  • Stella Lois Reid, reprographics/design services
  • Donni Rincon, custodial services
  • Stephanie Robinson, School of Dental Medicine
  • Sandra Rodriguez, Boyd School of Law
  • Francis Rossana, facilities maintenance services
  • Manuel Sigarroa, police services
  • John Spearmon, police services
  • Danielle Thomas, facilities maintenance services
  • Emanuel Urbina, educational outreach
  • Paul Velez, police services
  • Robert Williams, landscape, grounds & arboretum
  • Conrad Wilson landscape grounds & arboretum