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Cardona Named 2017 President's Classified Employee of the Year

Dozens of employees also recognized for their years of service to the university.

Campus News  |  Jun 21, 2017  |  By News Center
Flor Cardona

Flor Cardona (Josh Hawkins/UNLV Creative Services) 

Flor Cardona, a public service intern I with the Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach, was named the 2017 President’s Classified Employee of the year Tuesday.

Other employees honored at the annual recognition luncheon included:

  • Second-place winner Cherisha Gaitor, an administrative assistant III with Campus Life
  • Third-place winner Michael Frazier, a library technician II with University Libraries.
  • Rookie of the Year Baron Pace, a painter III with facilities maintenance services

Individual articles on each of the winners will appear online in the UNLV News Center in coming weeks, as will a story on Barbara Roberts, who was named this spring as the 2017 Administrative Staff Member of the Year.

Thirty-Five Year Award

Toni Arcadipane, Financial Aid & Scholarship

Twenty-Five Year Awards

Steven Hunter, Custodial Services

Gwen Jones, Auxiliary Financial Services

Susie Lafrentz, Political Science

Elaine Rojas, Controller’s Office

Kelvin Woods, Thomas & Mack Center

Twenty-Year Awards

Maria Calderon, Registrar

Jeffrey LaGesse, Parking and Transportation Services

Robert Lucas, Custodial Services

Shyama Malwane, School of Life Sciences

Debra McCracken, University Libraries

Jason Nibert, Custodial Services

Debbi Vaughan, Registrar

Pamela Walker, Facilities Management

Sandra Ziegler, Parking and Transportation Services



Fifteen-Year Awards

Dawn Adams, Mail Services

Giorgina Agrellas, Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Ramiro Arevalo Tobar, Thomas & Mack Center

Patricia Butler, Lee Business School

Ronald Castillo, Custodial Services

Connie Dye, College of Liberal Arts

Ruth Flores, Thomas & Mack Center

Gerald Green, Student Union & Event Services

Maria Ines Rojas, Geoscience

Anthony Jackson, Campus Life Facilities & Operations

Dedric Jenerett, Thomas & Mack Center

Walter Jenson, Thomas & Mack Center

Isabelle Johnson, Integrated Marketing & Branding

Eugene Kahaunaele Jr., Facilities Management

Jason Kono, Thomas & Mack Center

Natasa Korceba, College of Sciences

Thomas Labar, Office of Information Technology

Xin Mai, William S. Boyd School of Law

Jamille Malone, Student Wellness

Patrick McGhee, Thomas & Mack Center

Soila McKay, Police Services

Joyce Moore, University Libraries

Valerie Nehmer, Office of Online Education

John Padilla, Parking and Transportation Services

Emilio Ramirez, Custodial Services

Christine Rich, Academic Enrichment and Outreach

Jerry Robinson, Continuing Education

Maricarmen Rodriguez, Thomas & Mack Center

Marice Seda, University Libraries

Scott Taylor, Police Services

Christopher West, Facilities Maintenance Services

Ten-Year Awards

Ana Aguilar, School of Dental Medicine

Yusuf Alliyani, Police Services

Elaine Anderson, Faculty Affairs

Violetta Aromin, UNLV Foundation

Miguel Avila, School of Dental Medicine

Tiawanda Azouma, Custodial Services

Jesus Baldonado, Custodial Services

Betty Baugh, Custodial Services

Angelita Bialoglovski, School of Dental Medicine

Kelly Boan, William S. Boyd School of Law

Ellen Bolt, Student Wellness

Henry Bullard, Custodial Services

Blanca Burch, Custodial Services

Valerie Calbert, Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Maria Campos, William S. Boyd School of Law

Carmen Chang, William S. Boyd School of Law

Claudia Corlett, Auxiliary Financial Services

Joe Cothrun, Facilities Maintenance Services

Sara Covert, School of Dental Medicine

Jennifer Cozzolino, Student Accounts and Cashiering

Jonathan Culver, Police Services

Adrian Dalalo, School of Dental Medicine

Sara Duarte, Student Union & Event Services

Richard Ensigne, Custodial Services

Kimberly Ensigne, Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Victor Espejel, Student Union & Event Services

Theresa Farmer, Office of Decision Support

Joseph Fernane, Custodial Services

Cherisha Gaitor, Campus Life Student Union & Event Services

Mary Ganny, College of Education

John Gaudet, Thomas & Mack Center

Ana Hacsi, College of Education

Dinora Hernandez, Custodial Services

May Herschaft, School of Dental Medicine

Gilda Holliday, Facilities Management

Darrell Johnson, Police Services

Laura-Georgiana Jule, Admissions and Recruitment

Jonathan Keanini, Parking and Transportation Services

Vincent King, Custodial Services

Amy Kluesner, Custodial Services

Nora Langendorf, Center for Health Information Analysis

Candia Little, William S. Boyd School of Law

Stephani Loffredo, Police Services

Carol Lopez, School of Dental Medicine

Tyrone Love, Custodial Services

Lisa Lozon, UNLV Foundation

Vanessa Mann, Thomas & Mack Center

Maria Margarita Flores, Academic Enrichment and Outreach

Maria Martinez, School of Dental Medicine

Leslie Matys, Landscape Grounds & Arboretum

Sandra Moore, Intercollegiate Athletics

Sandra Obenour-Dowd, Landscape Grounds & Arboretum

Francisco Orozco Maciel, Payroll

Paul Orr, Custodial Services

Patricia Pablo, College of Sciences

Tiffani Peoples, School of Dental Medicine

Christopher Rapanos, Facilities Maintenance Services

Janeen Reza, College of Education

Mark Sakurada, Police Services

Cristina Scoble, English Language Center

Donald Sims, Police Services

Elizabeth Smith, Geoscience

Joann Stevens, Academic Enrichment and Outreach

Brian Townsend, Controller’s Office

Rachelle Weigel, University Libraries

Eileen Wells, Police Services

Michael West, Police Services

Maritza White, Black Mountain Institute

Amanda White, Custodial Services

Alcinia Whiters, Brand Marketing and Communication



Five-Year Awards

Mark Ashabranner, Facilities Management

Christopher Barragato, University Libraries

Joan Beneduce, Student Wellness

Imelda Benito-Manzao, School of Dental Medicine

Elsida Brito, School of Dental Medicine

Flor Cardona, Academic Enrichment and Outreach

Katherine Caroon, School of Dental Medicine

Johnnie Davis, Facilities Management

Orlakdy Douangprachanh, Facilities Management

Darlene Girouard, College of Hotel Administration

Marjorie Guerra, School of Dental Medicine

Craig Hall Jr., Academic Enrichment and Outreach

James Hamilton Jr., Facilities Management

Cheryl Kelton, College of Hotel Administration

Jose Lopez, Shipping & Receiving

Sheryl Magsino, School of Dental Medicine

Jaclyn Matta, Student Wellness

Jared Nitz, School of Dental Medicine

Mirely Ramirez, School of Dental Medicine

Elaine Reff, Human Resources

Gaelinn Tino, School of Dental Medicine

April Vomvas, College of Liberal Arts

Randy Wallingford, Facilities Management

Keith Widmann, College of Fine Arts


Edith Caldwell, College of Engineering Advising Center

Joan Carter, Rish Management & Safety

Romeo Castillo, Facilities Maintenance Services

Max Hardy, Reprographics

Kim Hobbs, Theatre (posthumous)

Karen Kita, Music

Martha Koch, Educational Psychology & Higher Education

Mark Miyamoto, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Marlana Peacock, Office of the President

John Pekarek, Landscape Grounds & Arboretum

James Rudnik, Police Services

Nancy Rutherford, Facilities Maintenance Services

Ann Sattler, Facilities Maintenance Services

Carol Smith, Custodial Services

Rookie of the Year Nominees

Remedios Almazan, Journalism and Media Studies

Irene Arakaki, School of Dental Medicine

Marie Arroyo, Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology

Theresa Boucher, Lee Business School

Laura Callihan, Department of Educational & Clinical Studies

Michelle Fearnley, Alumni Engagement

Susan Gearling, Department of Film

Susan Hall, Lee Business School

Amanda Kehrer, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement

Marcela Kofford, Lee Business School

Kristina Mejia, College of Education

Yahaira Mendez, Government Affairs

Natasha Tocco, Psychology

Breann Wickerson, Marketing & International Business

Tanya Williams, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement

Abby Wood, Student Affairs Maintenance

Employee of the Year Nominees

Elaine Anderson, Vice Provost Faculty Affairs

Patricia Butler, Lee Business School

Maria Caleron, Office of the Registrar

Anna Drury, Lee Business School

Shannon Farrell, Summer Term

Haik Gooroyan, School of Music

Ellen King-McDaniel, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement

Lisa Lozon, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement

Ruth McKoin, Senior Vice Provost

Jared Nitz, School of Dental Medicine

Jim Stinar, Student Affairs Maintenance

Mary Wahl, Physical Therapy

Ivona Zakarian, Academic Enrichment and Outreach