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#BeRebelSafe: Getting Involved

Learn some ways to be more than a bystander when an emergency arises.

Campus News  |  Sep 19, 2018  |  By Ariana Renick

We want you to be #BeRebelSAFE.  This is more than a hashtag, it is a way of life on campus and in our community. Staff, students, and their families must collaborate to plan for all types of hazards. Be RebelSAFE is based on four core pillars. Over the last three weeks we’ve explored the first three: Be Informed, Develop an Emergency Plan, and Building an Emergency Supply Kit.

The final pillar is Getting Involved. There are several ways that you can be an emergency response leader on our campus and at home. Taking the initiative and getting some training means you will be available to help in a time of crisis. Here’s how:

Start by watching “Surviving an Active Shooter” and learning the three critically important steps on how to respond safely and how UNLV Police are trained to respond to an incident on campus.

Check with UNLV’s Risk Management & Safety team for their next available CPR & First Aid Training. Becoming certified could be the difference between being a bystander and saving a life.

Volunteer for training in disaster preparedness, fire safety, and light search and rescue operations with Nevada’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or become a member of a neighborhood emergency preparedness group. You can be the help until help arrives.

Take control of your self-defense skills and participate in a Girls on Guard course. Or, begin with an easy step and promote readiness among your friends or share tips on your social media. From a single post to a training course, you are helping to support our community. Preparedness begins with you, take the steps toward getting involved and #BeRebelSAFE.

For additional information and updates on Be RebelSAFE news and events visit UNLV Safety website or contact the Office of Emergency Management at 702-895-5766.