Younger kids help out rebel students move boxes.

Adopt-A-School Supply Drive

UNLV Students gather needed school supplies and deliver them to local schools.

Members of the UNLV Rebel Service Council, Adopt-A-School program, CSUN Student Government, and Las Vegas' United Way of Southern Nevada gathered Thursday, September 13, 2012, for the "Stuff the Truck" school supplies drive at UNLV. The drive helped distribute school supplies to the at-risk elementary schools -- Cuningham, Petersen, Gragson, Paradise Professional Development and Ruth Fyfe Empowerment -- that the UNLV Adopt-A-School program works with throughout the year. (Aaron Mayes/UNLV Photo Services)

Student going through supplies of notebook paper and notebooks.

Student loading up a truck with donated items.

Top view of the contents inside of boxes that were donated.

Person on the bed of a truck stepping over some boxes.

Young kids inside a building looking out the front doors.

A line of young kids ready to help out the rebel students with moving donated boxes.

Young kids placing donated goods on the flow as a rebel student helps out.

Line of young kids getting high fives from rebel students walking by.

Young kids who volunteered, posing and holding up a sign.


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