Published: Rebecca Gill

Rebecca Gill (Political Science), with co-editors Nuno Garoupa and Lydia Tiede, have published High Courts in Global Perspective: Evidence, Methodologies, and Findings in the University of Virginia Press "Constitutionalism and Democracy" series. 

High Courts in Global Perspective pulls back the curtain on the interlocutors of court systems internationally. This book creates a framework for a comparative analysis that weaves together a collective narrative on high court behavior and the scholarship needed for a deeper understanding of cross-national contexts. From the U.S. federal courts to the constitutional courts of Africa, from the high courts in Latin America to the Court of Justice of the European Union, high courts perform different functions in different societies, and the contributors take us through particularities of regulation and legislative review as well as considering the legitimacy of the court to serve as an honest broker in times of political transition. 

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