Presentation: Rachell Ekroos

Rachell Ekroos (Nursing) along with Patricia M. Speck (University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Nursing) presented "Title X Legislative & Regulatory Analysis Benefiting Children Affected by Sexual Exploitation" at the American Academy of Nursing's 2019 Transforming Health, Driving Policy Conference earlier this month in Washington, D.C. 

In 2018, Ekroos, Speck, and a group of colleagues conducted a regulatory policy gap analysis focusing on commercially sexually-exploited children and Title X regulations. The outcomes of the analysis informed a policy brief that was disseminated to policymakers, organizations, and change agents nationwide and published in Nursing Outlook. During this presentation, Ekroos and Speck discussed recent regulatory changes occurring since the dissemination of the group's work that helped to close gaps in Title X and promote the protection of sex-trafficked and sexually-exploited children. 

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