Presentation: Nicole Hudson, Lindsay Russell, and Yvonne Houy

Nicole Hudson (Online Education) facilitated the discussion, "Best Practices to Start a Movement - New leader - New Initiatives," at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) virtual conference, OLC Ideate. This discussion highlighted the efforts of partnership at UNLV and specifically the office of online education, community of practice, which was assembled in August 2019. Lindsay Russell (Business) and Yvonne Houy (Fine Arts) joined the discussion, sharing specific college and universitywide best practices that contributed to successfully moving remotely, in part, due to a talented team of skilled and passionate online educators providing faculty support. These efforts included the hiring of an embedded instructional technologist, formation of a book club giving colleagues common language and aspirational goals, and leveraging partnerships across campus to include accessibility, office of information technology, Libraries, and the Faculty Center. UNLV is an institutional member of OLC.  

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