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Lung-Chang Chien

Published: Lung-Chang Chien

Nov 14, 2017

Lung-Chang Chien (Environmental and Occupational Health) authored "Physical Inactivity Displays a Mediator Role in the Association of Diabetes and Poverty: a Spatiotemporal Analysis", which appeared in the November issue of Geospatial Health. This study examined the associations among physical inactivity prevalence, diabetes prevalence, and poverty percentage at the county level among 3109 U.S. counties in 48 contiguous states from 2004-11. The research team not only verified that physical inactivity should be regarded as a mediator when examining the relationship between diabetes and poverty, but also identified that 32.65 percent of counties having a significant positive association between diabetes prevalence and physical inactivity prevalence also had a significant positive association between physical inactivity prevalence and poverty percentage. Those counties were more likely located in the south and southeast. The research finding can help compose appropriate strategies to reduce the cost burden of physical activity programs when implementing diabetes preventions or interventions in communities located in those identified counties.