Notable: John Starkey, Savannah Baltera, Amy Carito, Amber Sevart, and Liane Lee

John Starkey (Business), Savannah Baltera (Campus Life), Amy Carito (Business Affairs), Amber Sevart (Student Engagement and Diversity), and Liane Lee (Alumni) headed an awareness and fundraising event in April on behalf of the Administrative Faculty Committee that benefited the local nonprofit Project 150. Project 150 is an organization dedicated to helping homeless high school students in Southern Nevada graduate by providing them with basic necessities and assistance. More than 30 current UNLV employees and alumni participated in our week of awareness for Project 150, raising $4,132 for the youth scholarship program. This program encourages the pursuit of higher education for those served by Project 150. In addition, many items such as clothing were donated and delivered to Project 150.


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