Published: James Louis-Jean

James Louis-Jean (Chemistry) recently was published in the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry for his work on isotope analysis of nuclear materials with collaborators at Los Alamos National Lab. His other accomplishments include receiving the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Fellowship in fall 2020, the African American Partnership Program at Los Alamos National Laboratory (2019), and the Seaborg Research Fellowship (2018). Additionally, he was the recipient of a first-place honor at the 2020 Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Awards.

A Ph.D. candidate in the radiochemistry program, Louis-Jean focuses his research on fluorine chemistry of technetium (Tc) and rhenium (Re), primarily to understand the fundamental chemistry of Tc and explore its chemical behavior for nuclear fuel separation and forensics applications as Tc typically follows uranium during spent fuel reprocessing. Frederic Poineau, associate professor in radiochemistry, is his thesis advisor.

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