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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Chemistry, the “central science,” deals with the composition, structure, and properties of matter, especially in chemical reaction. The curriculum meets the needs of students intending to pursue advanced training in the sciences, medicine, and other professional and technical fields.

Current Chemistry News

Mary Blankenship peers into Scienta
People | September 16, 2021

UNLV undergrad Mary Blankenship blends public policy, science, and economics into a cocktail for successful global change.

Art Gelis, Associate Professor, Director, Radiochemistry Program working with lab equipment.
People | May 24, 2021

As director of UNLV's radiochemistry program, Art Gelis enjoys mentoring doctoral students.

woman posing
People | May 4, 2021

Jackie Phan reflects on her many years at UNLV and what inspires her as she pursues her Ph.D. in biochemistry.

Gary Kleiger sits in his lab with a computer monitor showing a colorful protein complex
Research | February 25, 2021

UNLV scientist Gary Kleiger at the forefront of a potential new drug modality; research published in the journal Nature.

medical worker in full protective suit making "LV" sign with hands
Business and Community | December 31, 2020

As the pandemic tightened its grip on Nevada, the nation, and the world, UNLV responded in ways big and small. Members of the media also turned to UNLV's faculty experts for answers.

Professor Ashkan Salamat in his lab at UNLV
Research | December 29, 2020

A yearlong collection of UNLV faculty making the news for their discoveries and contributions to the community.

Chemistry In The News

Chemistry World
October 7, 2021

Researchers in the UK have devised a process that uses electricity to remove radioactive contaminants from irradiated nuclear graphite. The process could reduce the volume of waste from nuclear power plants that requires expensive and long-term storage.

Western Michigan University
September 30, 2021

Whether in the lab, in the air or far beyond Earth's orbit, Western faculty members are blazing trails and inspiring change in their fields of study.

Jacky Rosen U.S. Senator for Nevada
September 17, 2021

Today, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) released the following statement applauding the National Science Foundation (NSF) for awarding $828,904 in funding to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Physics World
May 26, 2021

Chemical reactions are complex. Even if only a few molecules are involved, the final configuration will depend on a huge number of parameters – including, in principle, all the possible locations each electron in each atom can occupy as the reaction takes place.

Technology Networks
February 26, 2021

Over many decades now, traditional drug discovery methods have steadily improved at keeping diseases at bay and cancer in remission. And for the most part, it's worked well.

February 12, 2021

The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) announced a $25 million grant to a University of California, Berkeley-led consortium of 11 universities for research and development (R&D) in nuclear science, engineering, and security. This long-term investment will support the consortium at $5 million per year for five years. The grant, awarded for the third time to a Berkeley-led consortium, followed the announcement of a funding opportunity issued in April 2020.

Chemistry Experts

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Recent Chemistry Accomplishments

October 20, 2021
James Louis-Jean (Chemistry), a doctoral candidate under the guidance of  S.M. Balasekaran, Paul Forster, and Frederic Poineau published an article in collaboration with the Vietnam University department of inorganic chemistry, "Structural and spectral studies of hydrated hexaamminecobalt(III)–hexafluororhenate(IV)" in the Journal of Fluorine...
May 10, 2021
Mary Blankenship (The Lincy Institute, Brookings Mountain West, Economics, Chemistry) recently had a report published in the Brookings Institution blog, Up Front. The piece, Assessing the Social and Emotional Costs of Mass Shootings with Twitter Data, analyzes emoji and hashtag usage on Twitter after mass shootings and finds that society is...
April 22, 2021
Gary Kleiger (Chemistry and Biochemistry) was awarded a four-year, $1.5 million R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health titled "How Ubiquitin-carrying Enzymes Contribute to Ubiquitin Ligase Specificity." He is the sole principal investigator on the grant. The funding will be used to explore how targeted protein degradation may lead to...
April 12, 2021
Alexander Barzilov (Mechanical Engineering), Artem Gelis (Chemistry), and Zaijing Sun (Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences) gave recruitment presentations and answered questions about corresponding nuclear-related programs at the 2021 ANS Virtual Student Conference last week. UNLV is among the 11 top-tier universities invited to have university...
March 25, 2021
Sarah York (Chemistry & Biochemistry) has accepted a 2021 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. York's research is in chemistry education. Her dissertation research will focus on the use of systems thinking approaches to improve chemistry teaching and learning. Her advisor, MaryKay Orgill, found the following line from her ...
March 12, 2021
Jun Yong Kang (Chemistry and Biochemistry) has been awarded a patent (10,927,135) granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the invention “Metal-free Direct Arylation of Dialkyl Phosphonates for the Synthesis of Mixed Alkyl Aryl Phosphonates” Mixed phosphonates show a wide range of biological applications including phosphonate prodrugs,...