Notable: College of Education Kitty Rodman Scholars

Fourteen students (all Education) will benefit next academic year from the Kitty Rodman Scholarship. The scholarship program was established in 2014 with the College of Education and was designated to support scholarships and graduate fellowships for UNLV students pursing careers in special education. At that time the $12.9 million donation was the largest single endowment in UNLV history. The specially designed program includes students completing 67 credits in a single academic year; all tuition and fees covered by the scholarship.

The College of Education is proud to announce the 2019-20 Kitty Rodman Scholars, along with one three-year doctoral fellow and two graduate assistants.

Rodman Scholars:

  • Quinn Busch
  • Melike Durmaz
  • Jacqueline Glaza
  • Shelby Green
  • Marsha Lueck
  • Kyra Postma
  • Glen-Marie Quintanilla
  • Janet Sousa
  • Makaio Wakeley
  • Michelle Ward
  • Susan Willoughby

Rodman Doctoral 3-year Fellow:

Fatmana Deniz

Rodman Doctoral 1-year Graduate Assistants:

  • Monique Matute
  • Nicole Atwell

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