Honors: Campus Life Top Tier Award Winners

While we can't be together for the annual Campus Life Top Tier Awards this year, please join us in recognizing this year's nominees and winners. These awards span the different values of the Campus Life cluster including social justice, student and staff development, student engagement, economic viability, infrastructure, academic impact, assessment, and recognition.

  • "Biggest Fan"/Excellence in Recognition — The Student Diversity & Social Justice Latinx Team of Alex Romero, Nicole Servellon, Mayra Arzate & Genaro Baez Lopez. Nominees also included Megan Brower, Housing and Residential Life, Kevin Wright, and David Knowles.
  • Social Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Womxn of Color Coalition/Deanna Hughes (Psychology). Nominees also included Jocelyn Bravo, Men of Color Alliance, Anabel Chavva, Amber Sevart, and Joshanna Holyfield
  • Excellence in Infrastructure Jennifer Waters (Campus Life). Nominees also included Katie Marvel, Student Diversity & Social Justice, Rich Clark, Michael Beal, and Keith McMath.
  • Excellence in Student Achievement — AC Monrroy (Housing & Residential Life). Nominees also included Colt Kraus, Tem Sedgwick, Brigie Sohn, and Amber Sevart.
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Ash Quinn (Social Work). Nominees also included Nicole Thomas, Peyton Carter, Marline Shamlol, MyDiem Nguyen, Ash Quinn, and Zach Wallace.
  • Excellence in Scholarship, Research & Creativity — Rian Satterwhite (Service Learning and Leadership). Also nominated was Anabel Chavva.
  • Shared Governance & Staff Development — Savannah Baltera (Campus Life). Also nominated was Julie Konkol.
  • Excellence in Community Partnerships Janna Bernstein (Student Engagement and Diversity)
  • Economic Viability — Risha Gaitor (Student Union and Event Services). Also nominated was Marsha McDuff.

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