Published: Artem Gelis, Daniel Koury, Frederic Poineau, and Kenneth Czerwinski

Artem V. Gelis, Daniel Koury, Frederic Poineau, Kenneth R. Czerwinski (all Radiochemistry) are members of the research team whose noteworthy work recently was recognized in Angewandte Chemie, a leading weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal that is published on behalf of the German Chemical Society. The team, headed by Christopher Cahill from George Washington University and including Robert Surbella III from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, studies the synthesis, structure and spectroscopic characterization of the first transplutonium metal-organic framework (MOF). The paper is "An Americium-Containing Metal-Organic Framework: A Platform for Studying Transplutonium Elements." The synthetic experimental work and structural charactization was performed at the UNLV radiochemistry program facilities under a multi-year grant funded by the National Nuclear Security Administration through the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium under award number DE-NA0003180. The journal has an impact factor of 12.4.

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