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AAA – American Automobile Assn
AAAE – American Association of Airport Executives
ABBA – American Bed & Breakfast Assn
ABC – Assn of Bridal Consultants
ABT – Assn of Business Travelers
ABTA – Assn of British Travel Agents
ACA – American Camping Association
ACED – Assn of Conference and Events Directors
ACF – American Culinary Federation
ACF-LV – American Culinary Federation, Las Vegas
ACOM – Association for Convention Operations Management
ACTE – Assn of Corporate Travel Executives
ADA – American Dietetic Assn
ADJA – American Disc Jockey Assn
ADME –Assn of Destination Management Executives
AFEMCO – Assn Female Exhibit & Trade Show Mgrs
AFWPI – Assn for Wedding Professionals Intl
AGA – American Gaming Assn
AGTA – Airport Ground Transportation Assn
AHIA – Academy of Hospitality Attorneys
AH – American Humanics
AH&LA – American Hotel and Lodging Assn (formerly AH&MA)
AIMSI – Amusement Ind. Manufacturers & Suppliers Intl
AIWF – American Institute of Wine & Food
AMMC - Alliance of Meeting Mgt Consultants
AMPAS – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
AOB – Assn of Brewers
APVM – Assn for Professional Vehicle Mgt
ARA – American Rental Assn
ARDA – American Resort Development Assn – ARDA Nevada
ARTA – Assn of Retail Travel Agents
ASAE – American Society of Assn Executives
ASCAP – American Society of Composers , Artists & Publishers
ASTA – American Society of Travel Agents
ATA – Air Transport Assn
ATAA – Air Transport Assn of America


Barbeque Assn
BCA – Black Culinarians Alliance


CEIR – Center for Exhibition Industry Research
CHA – Corporate Hospitality & Event Assn
Chaine des Rotisseurs USA
CHRIE – Council on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education
CIC – Convention Industry Council (formerly CLC)
CIRA – Council of Independent Restaurants of America
CIRB – Council of International Restaurant Real Estate Brokers
CLIA – Cruise Lines International Assn
CMA – Casino Management Assn
CMAA – Club Managers Assn of America
CNIGA – California Nations Indian Gaming Assn


DRA – Dude Ranch Assn


EACA – Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Assn
ECA – European Catering Assn
EHMA – European Hotel Managers Assn
EDPA – Exhibit Designers & Producers Assn
EOS – Exposition Operations Society
ES – Ecotourism Society
ESCA – Exposition Service Contractors Assn
ESTA – Entertainment Services & Technology Assn


FBTC – Frequent Business Travelers Club
FCG – Food Consultants Group
FCSI – Food Service Consultants Society Intl
FMA – Food Marketing Assn
FTCA – Freighter Travelers Assn of America


GA – Global Alliance of Hospitality and Tourism Partners
GHA – Green Hotels Assn
GHT – Global Hospitality & Tourism
GIANTS – Greater Independent Assn Nat's Travel Svcs
GRA – Green Restaurant Assn
GWSAE – Gr Washington Society of Assn Execs


HCEA – Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Assn
HCIMA – Hotel and Catering Intl Mgt Assn
HEA – Hawaii Ecotourism Assn
HEDNA – Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Assn
HFTP – Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals – formerly IAHA (Intl Assn Hospitality Accountants)
HMEA – Hotel Motel Engineers Assn
HMP – Hispanic Meeting Professionals
HSMA – Hospitality Sales and Marketing Assn Intl
HTOA – Hotel & Tour Operators Assn


IAAM – Intl Assn of Assembly Managers – formerly Auditorium Managers
IAAPA – Intl Assn Amusement Parks & Attractions
IAATC – Air Couriers
IACC – Intl Assn of Conference Centers
IACP – Intl Assn of Culinary Professionals
IACVB – Intl Assn of Convention and Visitors Bureaus
IAEM – Intl Assn of Exhibition and Events
IAFE – Intl Assn of Fairs and Expositions
IAGA – International Association of Gaming Attorneys
IAMAT – Intl Assn for Medical Assistance to Travelers
IAPA – Intl Assn Passengers Assn
IATA – Intl Air Transport Assn
IATM – Intl Assn Tour Mgrs – NA
IAWCR – Intl Assn Women Chefs & Restaurateurs
ICCA – Intl Meetings Assn
ICPA – Insurance Conference Planners Assn
ICTA – Institute of Certified Travel Agents
IEHA – Intl Executive Housekeepers Assn
IFEA – Intl Festivals and Events Assn
IFSEA – Intl Food Service Executives Assn
IFW&TWA – Intl Food Wine and Travel Writers Assn
IFITT – Intl Fed of Information Technology and Tourism
IHRA – Intl Hotel and Resort Assn
ILDA – Intl Laser Display Assn
IMPAC – Independent Meeting Planners Association of Canada
IPA – Independent Pilots Assn
ISHC – Intl Society of Hospitality Consultants
ISES – Intl Special Events Society
ISESLV – Intl Special Events Society, LV Chapter
ISMP – Intl Society of Meeting Planners
ITDA – International Travel Directors Assn
ITS – It's a Receptive Assn


Las Vegas Hotel Managers Assn
Les Clefs D'Or USA – concierge society
LPGA – Ladies Professional Golfers Assn
LVHA – Las Vegas Hospitality Association


MBAA – master brewers assn of the Americas
MPI – Meeting Professionals Intl


NACE – National Association for Catering and Events
NACFS – National Association of Church Foodservice
NAME – Natl Assn of Mobile Entertainers
NARR – Natl Assn of Railroad Passengers
NARSP – Natl Assn Restaurant Service Professionals
NATCA – Natl Air Traffic Controllers Assn
NCA – Natl Caves Assn
NCA – Natl Concierge Assn
NCBMP – Natl Coalition of Black Meeting Planners
NCDA – Nevada Casino Dealers Assn
NEWH – Network of Executive Women in Hospitality
NIGA – Natl Indian Gaming Assn
NIRSA – Natl Intramural-Recreational Sports Assn
NLA – Natl Limousine Assn
NMA – Natl Motorists Assn
NPCA – Natl Parks & Conservation Assn
NPMA – Natl Pool Management Assn
NRA – Nevada Restaurant Assn
NRA – Natl Restaurant Assn
NRA – Nevada Resort Assn
NRF – Natl Retail Federation
NRR – Natl Reunion Registry – military reunions
NSA – Natl Speakers Assn
NTA – Natl Tour Assn
NHLA – Nevada Hotel & Lodging Assn


OABA – Outdoor Amusement Business Assn


PAII – Professional Assn of Innkeepers Intl
PATA – Pacific Air Transport Assn
PCA – Personal Chef Assn
PCA – Personal Chef Alliance
PCA – Professional Chef Assn
PFVA – Pennsylvania Farm Vacation Assn
PGA – Professional Golfers Assn
PAII – Professional Assn of Innkeepers Intl
PCMA – Professional Convention Mgt Assn


RIA – Rental Industry Assn


SCMP – Society of Corporate Meeting Professionals
SGTP – Society of Government Travel Professionals
SIRC – Sports Tourism International Council
SISO – Society of Independent Show Organizers
SITE – Society of Incentive & Travel Executives
SODA – Sportsplex Operators & Developers Assn
STA – Student Travel Assn
STIC – Sports Tourism International Council


Tread Lightly – ecotourism association
TSEA – Trade Show Exhibitors Assn
TTRA – Travel & Tourism Research Assn
TIA – Travel Industry Assn
TSEA – Trade Show Exhibitors Assn
TTA – Travel Technology Assn


UAI – Union des Association Internationale
UFI – Union des Foires Internationales – in English
UMA – United Motorcoach Assn
USRA – US Route 66 Association
USTOA – United States Tour Operators Assn


VMA – Venue Management Assn


WCVM – World Council for Venue Mgt
WTO – World Tourism Organization
WTCA – World Trade Centers Assn
WTTC – World Travel & Tourism Council
WWA – World Waterpark Assn