Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

HSMAI, originally founded in the United States in 1927, is an industry champion in providing hotel professionals and their partners the tools to fuel sales, inspire marketing and optimize revenue. The organization constitutes of about 7,000 members from 35 countries and chapters worldwide.

Getting Involved

Attending the collegiate chapters on campus are free and are held twice a month, a minimum of every other week with updates should a change occur. To be a registered member, there is an annual fee due to the national board.

Who Should Join?

All students who are interested in obtaining insight into the fields of sales, marketing, and revenue management, or wish to gain a better understanding of self promotion, career building and networking opportunities. Becoming involved HSMAI is an opportunity to network with industry professionals.


General meetings are held twice a month on Monday Evenings. Guest speakers are invited to discuss what they do in their roles and give advice on career planning. Educational-based workshops are held during meetings to facilitate career planning and professional image. Discussions the current trends in marketing and revenue management within the hospitality industry are also provided.

Contact Us

Jasmine Nemati

Vice President
Kimberlee Arnold

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Chi-Chien Chen