Applying for the Award

For the 2020-2021 award cycle, we recommend that all teams pitch their projects to UNLV FILM faculty as part of the development process; pitches will be held November 17-18, 2020. Each session will be ten minutes.

To be scheduled for a pitch, please submit a 1-2 page pdf with the following elements by November 1, 2020:

  1. Title
  2. Genre
  3. Logline
  4. Time and place of story
  5. Protagonist(s)
  6. Objective (What will or must be accomplished?)
  7. Stakes
  8. Obstacles
  9. Resolution (What has changed?)
Johnny Brenden Filmmakers Award graphic

The pitch should be dynamic, well-structured, and engaging.

Completed scripts are due January 15, 2021 and should follow industry-standard rules of formatting and style.

Faculty will review script submissions and identify top projects that will advance to the final round, which will involve developing a full production plan and having a director or producer pitch their vision for making the film.

NOTE: The award is contingent upon funding. The funds will be given to the designated leader of the winning project (director, writer/director, producer, etc.), who must be a current student majoring in film at UNLV, or a recent graduate of the program (2018-present). Applicants must also be U.S. citizens or have proof of permanent resident status, and should select key team members who are current or recently graduated film majors at UNLV.

Schedule a pitch (must be done by November 1, 2020) or submit your completed script (must be done by January 15, 2021) below:

Apply for a Pitch Session Submit Completed Script Questions?

Award Announcement

The final winner of the 2020-2021 Johnny Brenden Filmmakers Award will be announced at the UNLV FILM Honors Celebration on May 3, 2021.


The first winner of the Johnny Brenden Filmmakers Award was producer Constanza Castro. Her feature film Liars, Fires and Bears was the official selection of a dozen film festivals. The second award was to Ryan LeBoeuf. His feature film Rabbit Days was completed in the spring of 2014, and is currently streaming on Amazon with a new title: The Beast.