Where the Need Is Greatest

Gifts to Annual Giving programs provide a source of unrestricted funds that can be used as "venture capital" in specific colleges and programs. These gifts, spent at the discretion of deans and vice presidents, allow UNLV to fund areas where the need is greatest.

Unrestricted gifts may be made through:

  • The Dean's Associates or Student Affair Associates programs, gift clubs that recognize donors who give unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more annually.
  • Pledges through the Rebel Ring Phonathon, an outreach program led by student callers who share campus news and ask for your support.
  • Special-request envelopes included in newsletters or direct mailings.
  • Online by choosing the appropriate drop-down menu.

Visit our staff directory to directly contact the development officer in your choice of college or program.

Direct Support for Students

UNLV prides itself on programs that are student-centered, demonstrably excellent, and responsive to the needs of the local and regional community.

Support for the following programs enhances the unique educational experiences each student has at UNLV:

  • Scholarships fund tuition and fees for students in all programs.
  • Fellowships and graduate assistantships offer students hands-on experiences and opportunities for research in their fields of study or leadership development.
  • Awards recognize students' achievements in scholarship, leadership, and service to campus and community.
  • Co-curricular experiences foster learning outside the classroom.

To fund these programs that directly support students, please refer to our major gifts information or contact the development officer directly associated with your program of choice.

Excellence in Teaching

Outstanding faculty and professionals foster outstanding educational opportunities. Private funding for the following programs guarantees opportunities to recruit and retain top faculty and professionals to all of UNLV's programs:

  • Endowed professorships and chairs to retain top faculty positions across every discipline create the highest-quality learning environment.
  • Faculty-enrichment programs enhance faculty members' skills, which they then pass on to students.
  • Endowed professional positions provide UNLV an opportunity to hire and retain specialists with expertise in student services, special collections, and program management.

    To fund these programs, please refer to our major gifts information or contact development officer directly associated with your program of choice.

Additional Opportunities

Additional funding opportunities include:

To support these additional opportunities, please refer to our major gifts information or contact the development officer directly associated with your program of choice.

  • Tributes and memorial gifts recognize an individual's dedication to a program, field of study, excellence in industry, or personal interest.
  • Research support enhances studies on current and emerging academic research and co-curricular strengths on campus.
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment keep students ahead of the curve with current learning opportunities.