About the Dean

Dr. Danica G. Hays serves as the Dean of the UNLV College of Education. In her roles as interim dean and executive associate dean for the College of Education, she led the expansion of student success and retention-progression-completion initiatives, facilitated faculty affairs-related activities, and increased the college’s scholarship capacity through new and reactivated research labs and centers.

Hays joined UNLV in 2015 as a professor and executive associate dean.

She earned her doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision, with an emphasis in multicultural research, from Georgia State University. She has published about 125 journal articles and book chapters in her areas of research expertise, which include research methodology and program evaluation, leadership development, domestic violence prevention, assessment and diagnosis, and multicultural and social justice issues in community mental health and counselor preparation.

Hays is co-editor of Qualitative Inquiry in Clinical and Educational Settings, Developing Multicultural Counseling Competency: A Systems Approach, and A Counselor's Guide to Career Assessment Instruments. In addition, she is associate and content editor of the American Counseling Association Encyclopedia of Counseling, co-author of Mastering the NCE and CPCE, and author of Assessment in Counseling: A Guide to Psychological Assessment Procedures.

She has extensive leadership history in the Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC) and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES), including serving as AARC President, ACES journal editor for Counselor Education and Supervision, and president of an ACES region.

The American Counseling Association has recognized her nationally as an ACA Fellow, as well as presented her awards for her research and advocacy as a counselor educator.

Dean's Office

Danica G. Hays, Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Education
Danica's photo
Office: CEB 301D
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-3890

Jeffrey C. Shih, Ph.D.

Professor, Associate Dean of Student and Community Engagement (ADSCE)
Jeffrey C. Shih
Office: CEB 358
Mail Code: 3005
Phone: 702-895-5340

Tonya E. Walls, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: CEB 343A
Phone: 702-895-1308

Mark Carroll

Director of Assessment and College Effectiveness
A smiling man with glasses.
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-2871

Young Bok Kim

Director of Information Technology
A smiling professor.
Office: CEB 314A
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-3762

Nancy Weaver, M.A., APR

Communications Director
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Office: CEB 301A
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-3607

Sebern Coleman

Director of Educator Preparation
A man smiling.
Office: CEB 112
Mail Code: 3048
Phone: 702-895-0432

Jonathan Hilpert, Ph.D.

Interim Associate Dean of Research and Sponsored Projects
A man with glasses smiling
Office: CEB 232
Mail Code: 3003
Phone: 702-895-4949

Morgan Jackson

Program Manager
woman wearing white shirt with stripes
Office: BDC 104

Lauren Layton

Director of Student Success  
A smiling woman with brunette hair wearing a black dress and necklace.
Office: CEB 118A
Mail Code: 3038
Phone: 702-895-1537

Pamela Eden Parker

Administrative Assistant 4
Office: CEB 301
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-1797

Kenneth J. Varner (Kenny), Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Initiatives
A man smiling
Office: CEB 312A
Mail Code: 3005
Phone: 702-895-3860

Mary Mostoller, M.Ed.

Business Manager
A smiling professor.
Office: CEB 301
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-3690

Jenn Oshiro Rivers M.Ed. ('05, '08)

Alumni Engagement and Events Manager
Jenn Oshiro Rivers
Office: CEB 301
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-3375

Tenaya Morningstar

Administration and Engagement Coordinator
Office: CEB 301
Mail Code: 3001

Josie Boyle

Assistant Business Manager
Headshot of Josie Boyle
Office: CEB 301
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-3375

Department Chairs

Joseph Morgan, Ph.D.

Department Chair and Associate Professor
Office: CEB 145
Mail Code: 3014
Phone: 702-895-3329

Steven (Steve) L. Nelson, J.D, Ph.D

Department Chair & Associate Professor
Steven Leonice
Office: CEB 335
Mail Code: 3003
Phone: 702-895-3245

P.G. Schrader, Ph.D.

Department Chair & Professor
Headshot of PG Schrader
Office: CEB 349
Mail Code: 3005
Phone: 702-895-3331

Christopher Wood, Ph.D.

Department Chair & Associate Professor; Counseling Core Faculty
Christopher Wood, Ph.D.
Office: CEB 253
Mail Code: 3008
Phone: 702-895-2948