The dual Master of Business Administration and Doctorate of Dental Medicine (MBA and DMD) program is designed for those who seek business leadership opportunities within the field of dentistry. The program develops leaders in dentistry by providing students with the needed skills, knowledge, and tools to become outstanding dental leaders. The program provides students with a competitive edge in business and expanded earning power for those practicing dentistry. The dual degree requires that the student apply to and satisfy the degree requirements of both programs.

Group of students looking at a laptop

A graduate of this program will be able to:

  • Recognize and evaluate ethical, legal, and regulatory dimensions of business decisions.
  • Communicate effectively business ideas and analyses in writing.
  • Communicate effectively business ideas and analyses in oral presentation.
  • Work effectively in a team oriented environment.
  • Apply business concepts to managerial decision-making within a global or domestic setting.

Complete an online application with the Graduate College. Students may apply after they begin their second year of dental school. The MBA Programs office does not require a separate application.

  • US Domestic: $60
  • International: $95

The MBA program will review the transcripts, personal statement, resume, and letters of recommendation each applicant provided for admission to the UNLV School of Dental Medicine. When completing the letters of recommendation section within the Graduate College application, list Lisa Davis and Marcela Kofford in the “Recommendation” field.

Immunization Records

Nevada state law prohibits students from attending class without proof of immunizations. UNLV upholds this statute by preventing registration for admitted students who have not submitted proper proof of immunizations.

Mail or Fax Records to:

UNLV Office of Admissions
4505 S. Maryland Parkway Box 451021
Las Vegas, NV 89154-1021
Campus Location: Student Services Complex, Building B (SSC-B)
Phone: 702-774-UNLV (8658)
Fax: 702-774-8008

Please be sure to include your full name and NSHE ID on all immunization documents.

Documentation for the Following Immunizations is Required

All Students
  • One (1) dose of Tetanus Diphtheria (not Tetanus Toxoid) within the past 10 years.
Students born in or after 1957
  • Two (2) doses of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine or
  • Two doses of live Measles vaccine, one Mumps, one Rubella vaccine.

Visit the Registrar's website for more information on the immunization requirements.

Nevada Residency Status

For tuition purposes, all new graduate students are classified out-of-state until Nevada residency is determined via the residency application process. In order to obtain Nevada residency, you must download the residency application and submit it along with the required supporting documentation by the first day of the semester in which you are applying for residency. Residency is determined by the Registrar's Office, not the MBA programs office.

International students are not considered a Nevada resident unless they have resided in the state for at least one year and currently have an alien resident card (green card). If you have a student visa, you are not considered a resident of Nevada and will be charged out-of-state tuition. An international student fee will also apply.

Get more information regarding residency requirements.

Students must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in the United States, or proof of equivalent training at a foreign university. Application materials must be filed at the Graduate College and the MBA office prior to the deadlines shown below. Students will be considered for admission to the MBA program for fall, spring and summer semesters.

Fall Deadlines

  • International Applicants: May 1
  • Domestic Applicants: July 15

Spring Deadlines

  • International Applicants: May 1
  • Domestic Applicants: July 15

Summer Deadlines

  • Domestic Applicants: April 1

The American Dental Association provided a link to Dental Boards that contains specific information about licensure in each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.