Admission Policy

The Department of Dance honors the university entrance requirements for admission into the department. Students not meeting these requirements may be admitted under contract on a probationary basis.


There is no formal audition to be accepted into the Department of Dance. Students who are accepted into UNLV can declare a dance major and will be placed in the Bachelor of Arts degree curriculum. The first year curriculum of all degree tracks is the same.

Acceptance into the BFA in Performance and Choreography is by audition. Students interested in the Performance and Choreography degree track may audition prior to their first semester, or wait to audition until after their first semester. The attire for the audition consists of basic dance clothing and ballet shoes, jazz shoes, or non-slippery socks. The choreography must be the student’s own work. It can be a short solo, no more than two minutes long. Please visit our events page to confirm dates and times of BFA auditions

Please note that it is expected that after the first year of curriculum, that students are actively enrolled in either the BFA or BA Production track. If a student does not pass the BFA audition after the first year, graduation may be delayed.

Candidates for the BFA degree will undergo rigorous scrutiny in compliance with professional expectations in academic and creative accomplishments. Students are required to complete all required courses in their area of concentration.

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Placement Auditions for Technique Classes

Dance majors technique classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Most majors are taking dance classes during these times and are encouraged during advising and scheduling of classes to keep these times open in their schedules. Failure to do so may result in an inability for the department to place the student in the appropriate level.

A placement audition to determine technical ability and level is required of all dance majors upon entrance into the Department of Dance. The attire for placement audition consists of basic dance clothing, ballet shoes, jazz shoes, and/or non-slippery socks. To confirm the dates, times, and locations of upcoming placement auditions, please visit our Events page.

Non-dance majors are allowed to take majors-only technique classes if they have attended the placement exam and have been placed in these classes.

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Scholarship Auditions

All dance majors who have participated in jury exams and production majors who have participated in the concert productions will be automatically considered for departmental scholarships.

For students who are new, incoming, or transfer majors, a live scholarship audition is scheduled each semester for the last day of classes. Dates and times for these auditions can be found on our Events page.

On this day, students are asked to present a short solo, no more than two minutes, demonstrating their technical dance abilities. For students who live out of town, an online submission or DVD is acceptable in lieu of attendance of this audition.

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Credit By Exam

Incoming students may earn Department of Dance credits through the UNLV credit by exam program. Credits are available for some courses by taking an exam or demonstrating proficiency for the subject. Once the exam or proficiency is passed, the student will receive the credit for the course, as well as a discount on the cost of the credits. The cost per course is $60. UNLV allows students to receive up to 30 credits through this process. This process would allow students to accelerate through the dance program and complete the degree faster.

The following content areas currently available for credit by exam are choreography, techniques, performance ensemble, and Pilates. Please see newsletter for further details about credit by exam.

For further information, please contact Dolly Kelepecz at