About the Program

The Dance Faster program allows students to capitalize on strong dance training to test out of our lower-level core classes and move into our more advanced training. It can save up to a year in time on the BFA Performance and Choreography degree, as well as provide a deep discount in pricing on up to 30 credits of courses.

While this program is not a scholarship, the financial savings it provides is usually a lot more than many of the scholarship offerings and saves qualified students a significant amount of time.

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Eligibility and Enrollment

Dance Faster is for exceptionally talented dance majors with previous high caliber training. Prior to enrolling in their first semester at UNLV, these students will audition for both placements and the performance and choreography degree. All incoming students are automatically assessed for Dance Faster at department auditions. There is no application process.

At the placement audition, students will be assessed and tested in dance technique classes in ballet, modern, and jazz. At the performance and choreography audition, students will also perform a two minute solo of their choreography that showcases their technical prowess and performance skills.

Following the auditions, students will be contacted via email to announce the results of the audition, number of credits granted (if audition is passed), and procedures for processing the Dance Faster (credit by exam) courses.

Audition Dates

Go to the Department of Dance events page to find out the next date for the placement audition and BFA Performance and Choreography audition.

Questions about the program should be directed to the department at dance@unlv.edu.

Cost and Benefits

Students accepted into this program may test out of up to 30 credits of coursework. These credits include:

  • Dance techniques in ballet, modern, and jazz: 6-12 credits
  • Pilates: 1 credit
  • Choreography: 3 credits
  • Dance Ensemble: 8 credits
  • Dance Electives: 6 credits

The cost for credit by exam is $60 per course. For the most advanced students, this comes to approximately $1400 in payment for the credits, if all 30 credits are earned.

Breakdown of Savings

Credit by exam 30 credits: $1400 compared to:

  • In-state student tuition and fees for 30 credits (2 semesters ): $9458 ($8058 savings)
  • Out-of-state student tuition and fees for 30 credits (2 semesters): $26414 ($25014 savings)
  • International student tuition and fees for 30 credits (2 semesters): $29322 ($27922 savings)

Additional Savings

  • One year of time - start your professional career sooner.
  • One year of living expenses (room and board).
  • The opportunity to stay at UNLV longer and complete a second major or minor.
Ballet dancer

Bachelor of Fine Arts Production Students

Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Production and Management program who have advanced training in dance technique, dance performance, choreography, Pilates, and production may also qualify for credit by exam by going through the audition process.