Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies at the UNLV Greenspun College of Urban Affairs.

Each one of us needs communication skills to enjoy healthy interpersonal relationships, to manage small groups and organizations effectively, to speak with knowledge and confidence, to evaluate complex data critically, and to ensure the development of sound public policy. These skills require advanced training; thus the crucial importance of Communication Studies.

Our excellent faculty teach a wide range of very useful courses in person and online on topics related to interpersonal, small group, organizational, and public/political communication, including instruction on conflict resolution, argumentation and debate, public speaking, critical thinking, environmental communication, science communication, non-verbal communication, persuasion, and research methods. The faculty are active scholars publishing work and engaging in public projects that further our mission, and they are all highly accomplished individuals ready to help you.

Our undergraduate courses provide training for students seeking to work in legal, political, business, and non-profit settings. Employers are always looking for graduates with solid writing, speaking, and analytical skills, and those are precisely the skills we provide. We have a vibrant internship program, an outstanding debate team, and many other exciting opportunities for career development, such as dynamic student clubs. Please contact our internship coordinator, Ms. Chloe Powell, to learn more about these opportunities. To learn more about our undergraduate program in general, please contact our Interim Department Chair, Dr. Kevin Stoker.

Our graduate courses provide upper-level training for individuals seeking careers in any form of public persuasion or communication studies. Our graduate students regularly go on to the most prestigious Ph.D. programs in the country, while others pursue law degrees, and still others assume key positions in government and industry. We offer two final project options for graduate students: a thesis option and a professional paper option. Graduate students may participate in faculty research, receive financial support for travel to conferences, and gain valuable teaching experience. We have very competitive graduate assistantships. To learn more about our graduate program in general, please contact our Graduate Director, Dr. David Gruber.

Please feel free to call our office to set up a time to meet with me or members of our faculty, to talk with our students, and to explore the many exciting career and leadership opportunities a degree in Communication Studies can provide.