Civil Engineering

The objectives of the Civil Engineering ABET-accredited undergraduate degree program are to prepare graduates who can perform at the entry level in civil engineering practice so that, some years after graduation, they can become licensed professionals having responsibility for the planning, design, implementation, operation and continuous improvement of civil engineering structures and infrastructure. They will be provided with skills and tools for life-long learning, continuing professional development, and to pursue advanced degrees.

The Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET accredits our Civil Engineering curriculum, modeled on the recommendations of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Recent Student Enrollment and Graduation Data
FTE Student Enrollment
Degrees Conferred
2020-21 190 43
2019-20 147 30
2018-19 122 28
2017-18 115 29
2016-17 125 30
2014/15 132 39
2013/14 129 46
2012/13 151 39

Construction Management

As a student in our program, your first two years’ courses that satisfy the university’s general education curriculum requirements plus introductory classes on basic construction topics. The curriculum in your last two years focuses on construction engineering and management topics as well as on construction sciences courses.

Recent Student Enrollment and Graduation Data
Year BS
FTE Student Enrollment
Degrees Conferred
2018/19 109 9
2017/18 91 6
2016/17 78 3
2015/16 65 5
2014/15 17 6
2013/14 15 4
2012/13 25 11


Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Construction (CEEC) offers Master of Science – Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, MSE/MBA Dual Degree, and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Civil and Environmental Engineering. Specific areas of engineering that are currently available include Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water Resources/Environmental. Students with science backgrounds desiring admission to the graduate program will be required to complete course work, prerequisite or otherwise, that will assure successful completion of the graduate program. Specific course work requirements will depend on the area of specialization desired by the applicant. Applicants must identify a specialization during the application process. 


The Master of Science in Construction and Infrastructure Management (M.S.C.I. M.) degree provides graduate-level study for those seeking mid-and upper-level management positions in the construction and transportation industries or continued study for a doctorate. Students with degrees in construction management, engineering, science, architecture, business, economics, public administration, quantitative geography, computer science, mathematics, operations research, statistics, political science, physical science, psychology, health sciences, urban or regional planning, as well as related disciplines are invited to apply.