Three model skeletons

Majoring in health sciences will help you to be prepared to deliver top-notch health care and advance innovation and research throughout the industry. You can choose from a variety of disciplines, including: athletic training, comprehensive medical imaging, health care administration, kinesiology, medical physics, nuclear medicine, nutrition, public health, and radiography.

You Can Take Courses in Diverse Areas
Three test tubes each containing different colored liquids


Male athletic training student working on a female student's knee

Athletic Training

Female student working with two young children to cook a well-balanced dish


Large M-R-I machine

Nuclear Medicine

Female physical therapist strapping a person in to a safety harness

Graduates of these programs enter the workforce with multiple skills including critical thinking, analyzing and evaluating research data, understanding evidence-based practice concepts, knowing basic medical terminology, describing the nature of health care organizations, and explaining how culture affects population health.

Gain Real-World Experience and Apply What You Learn By Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Male student in a green shirt and N-Y hat working with a young child to plant a garden
Receive access to employment, volunteer, and internship opportunities at local hospitals, care facilities, and schools
A female student and her faculty research advisor posing in a lab
Learn from faculty who are experienced in working with government agencies and professional associations

With a Degree in Health Sciences, Students Can Work in a Broad Array of Fields

Female student working with two younger children to cook a well-balanced food dish


Male physical therapist assisting a patient with re-learning how to walk

Physical Therapist

Male athletic trainer working with a female patient's balance

Athletic Trainer

C-T scan of a human brain

CT/MRI Technician

Male student inspecting the contents in a test tube


Female counselor speaking to a patient

Mental Health Counseling

Female in white lab coat standing in front of various training machines

Now that you are interested, learn more about how health sciences can start you on a path within the health, medicine, and wellness fields.