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User Support Documents

For users who have attended training, the following pages contain documentation, job aids, and tutorials to help you as you continue your MyUNLV work. Documents are divided up by MyUNLV Module. Select from the topics below for more information.

  • Admissions — topics including understanding and working with admission pages, admission checklists, comments, transcript entry, test score entry, application materials entry and application evaluation.
  • Advisors — topics including viewing academic requirements, appointment tracking and references to student records, admissions and student finance.
  • Degree Audit and Transfer — transfer credit and degree audit information.
  • Financial Aid — Coming Soon!
  • Student Financials — topics including viewing student account information and tuition calculation.
  • Student Records & Registrar — topics ranging from the MyUNLV Class Schedule to Enrollment business processes.
  • Scheduling — topics including adding and updating the MyUNLV class schedule, adding instructors and viewing scheduling information.
  • Faculty Resources — topics ranging from logging into the MyUNLV Faculty Center to submitting grades.
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