Student Records & Registrar

Title Tutorial Job Aid Business Process Guide Last Updated
Administrative Faculty Resources
Basic MyUNLV Navigation Web     4/30/10
Faculty Center – Tutorial Web     5/17/10
Enrollment and Curriculum Management Navigation Guide   PDF    
Searching for Classes   PDF   4/30/10
Coming Soon        
Class Scheduling
Advanced Scheduling Presentation   PDF   11/3/12
New Instructor Process   PDF   11/8/12
Add, View, and Update Instructor Assignments for a Class   PDF   12/17/10
Print Class Schedule to Excel Using Query Viewer   PDF   3/16/10
Printing the Schedule of Classes   PDF   3/16/10
Searching for Classes   PDF   3/16/10
Viewing the Academic Calendar for Modular Classes Web PDF   2/11/11
Other Resources
Using Query Viewer Web PDF   5/18/10
Understanding the Wait List     PDF 4/10/12
Enrollment Troubleshooting   PDF   8/25/10
Student Records Guide to Student Services Center     PDF 3/29/10
Adding or Updating Service Indicators Web PDF PDF 4/12/10
Viewing Service Indicators     PDF 4/12/10
Course and Class Permissions   PDF PDF 4/12/10
Troubleshooting Pre-requisite Problems   PDF   4/12/10
Working with Student Groups   PDF   3/16/2015


Job Aids

These are quick reference guides to the steps necessary to complete certain tasks. They are abbreviated versions of the BPGs. Many of these were handed out during training courses.

Understanding Guides

These are reference documents for Student Records summary pages that contain explanations of acronyms and codes on the different summary pages.


These “Business Process Guides” reference the full business process, policies and decisions behind tasks in PeopleSoft.


Quick guide to page navigation in PeopleSoft.