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Student Records & Registrar

Title Tutorial Job Aid Business Process Guide Last Updated
Administrative Faculty Resources
Basic MyUNLV Navigation Web     4/30/10
Faculty Center – Tutorial Web     5/17/10
Enrollment and Curriculum Management Navigation Guide   PDF    
Searching for Classes   PDF   4/30/10
Coming Soon        
Class Scheduling
Advanced Scheduling Presentation   PDF   11/3/12
New Instructor Process   PDF   11/8/12
Add, View, and Update Instructor Assignments for a Class   PDF   12/17/10
Print Class Schedule to Excel Using Query Viewer   PDF   3/16/10
Printing the Schedule of Classes   PDF   3/16/10
Searching for Classes   PDF   3/16/10
Viewing the Academic Calendar for Modular Classes Web PDF   2/11/11
Other Resources
Using Query Viewer Web PDF   5/18/10
Understanding the Wait List     PDF 4/10/12
Enrollment Troubleshooting   PDF   8/25/10
Student Records Guide to Student Services Center     PDF 3/29/10
Adding or Updating Service Indicators Web PDF PDF 4/12/10
Viewing Service Indicators     PDF 4/12/10
Course and Class Permissions   PDF PDF 4/12/10
Troubleshooting Pre-requisite Problems   PDF   4/12/10
Working with Student Groups   PDF   3/16/2015
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