Advisor Training

Title Tutorial Job Aid Business Process Guide Last Updated
Check Application Status   PDF   3/16/10
Search Match   PDF   3/16/10
Flow Diagram of UGRD Admissions   PDF   3/16/10
Understanding Transfer Credit Summary   PDF   3/16/10
Application Materials Summary     PDF 3/16/10
Application Summary     PDF 3/16/10
Admissions Checklists     PDF 3/16/10
Admissions Service Indicators (Advising Holds)   PDF   04/02/10
Other Admissions Resources
Admissions Training PPT PPTX     3/16/10
Admissions Training PPT (for older versions of Power Point) PPT     3/16/10
Appointment Tracking (Checklists) PPT
PDF   07/07/11
Academic Requirements (Degree Audit)   PDF   07/07/11
Student Financials
View Customer Account Web PDF   6/29/10
Student Records
Student Records Guide to Student Services Center     PDF 3/29/10
Adding or Updating Service Indicators   PDF PDF 4/12/10
Viewing Service Indicators     PDF 4/12/10
Assigning Course or Class Permission   PDF PDF 4/12/10
Viewing Term and Cumulative Statistics     PDF 3/29/10


Job Aids

These are quick reference guides to the steps necessary to complete certain tasks. They are abbreviated versions of the BPGs. Many of these were handed out during training courses.

Understanding Guides

These are reference documents for advising summary pages that contain explanations of acronyms and codes on the different summary pages.


These “Business Process Guides” reference the full business process, policies and decisions behind advising tasks in PeopleSoft.


Quick guide to page navigation in PeopleSoft.