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Advisor Training

Title Tutorial Job Aid Business Process Guide Last Updated
Check Application Status   PDF   3/16/10
Search Match   PDF   3/16/10
Flow Diagram of UGRD Admissions   PDF   3/16/10
Understanding Transfer Credit Summary   PDF   3/16/10
Application Materials Summary     PDF 3/16/10
Application Summary     PDF 3/16/10
Admissions Checklists     PDF 3/16/10
Admissions Service Indicators (Advising Holds)   PDF   04/02/10
Other Admissions Resources
Admissions Training PPT PPTX     3/16/10
Admissions Training PPT (for older versions of Power Point) PPT     3/16/10
Appointment Tracking (Checklists) PPT
PDF   07/07/11
Academic Requirements (Degree Audit)   PDF   07/07/11
Student Financials
View Customer Account Web PDF   6/29/10
Student Records
Student Records Guide to Student Services Center     PDF 3/29/10
Adding or Updating Service Indicators   PDF PDF 4/12/10
Viewing Service Indicators     PDF 4/12/10
Assigning Course or Class Permission   PDF PDF 4/12/10
Viewing Term and Cumulative Statistics     PDF 3/29/10


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