Magazine cover featuring True Believers story

UNLV Magazine

Fall 2012
Volume 20 Issue 2
Anthropologist Alyssa Crittenden ventures into the African bush to study how humans learned to cooperate.
To discover what's happening with the bighorn sheep population, David Choate must track cougars in the National Desert Wildlife Refuge.
When a trauma mangles a patient's face, Dr. Daniel Orr steps in for the often intense work of reconstruction.
Rotting food, old toilets, and remnants of residence hall move-out are treasures to Tara Pike-Nordstrom.
Researchers find that artificial turf temperatures may be too hot for summer fun.
UNLV President Neal Smatresk on legislative priorities and the university's budget.
College once seemed so unobtainable to academic advisor John Starkey. He'll share his inspiring story of rising from poverty with incoming freshmen this week.
Colorful heart sculpture.
UNLV becomes permanent home for sculptures from the St. Jude Hearts of Las Vegas project.
The Rebel Business Network pays dividends for alumni and students.
UNLV's soccer-playing siblings inherit their love of the game from their dad.
New work examines the aftermath of student protests of educational inequities in Los Angeles schools.
Does the thought of an algebra test strike fear in you? Psychologist Mark Ashcraft is getting to the root cause of math anxiety.
When a local businessman stumbled upon a new design for whiskey glasses, he turned to experts in the chemistry department for an explanation.
Student working out at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
To perform like an Olympian, you have to think like one. Kinesiology professor Gabriele Wulf explains how to change your thoughts to boost your results.
A new species of scorpions nearly squirmed past a couple of UNLV graduate students. The story behind the Death Valley arthropod's discovery.
"Gatsby" just won an Oscar for best costumes thanks in part to fashion historian Deirdre Clemente. She was a consultant on the movie's costumes. Here's her thoughts on the traditional rules of fashion, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and dressing your age in Las Vegas.
Former UNLV roommates liked the Capriotti's restaurant chain so much they bought the company and doubled its size.
Alumna Daliah (Zodieru) Wachs expands her practice to thousands through satellite radio call-in show.
The former vice president's contributions included creating UNLV's alumni relations program and raising funds for campus projects.
After giving up baseball, alumnus Chad Belding builds an outdoor media company around ducks and dogs.
Tony Sanchez, ’88 BA Political Science, receives association's top honors.
UNLV professor emeritus Wesley E. Niles
Carefully preserved in UNLV's Wes Niles Herbarium is the history of Southern Nevada through its plants.
What have your fellow UNLV graduates been up to? Read about their latest accomplishments.