Class Notes

Did you get a promotion, add a family member, or find a new calling? Share your latest news with your fellow alumni. We print Class Notes in UNLV Magazine and list them in the online alumni directory.

Amie Callaway

March 6, 2019
Amie Callaway, '16 BS Hotel Administration - Hospitality Management, works as the assistant director of operations for the University of California, Berkeley women’s basketball program. In 2018 she earned an MBA in sports management from San Diego State University. She says she was a proud member of the UNLV women’s basketball program from 2012 to 2016. She lives in Emeryville.  

Kelsey Mazmanyan

March 6, 2019
Kelsey Lupo Mazmanyan, '14 BA Environmental Studies, is the student supervisor and digitization lab manager in the digital collections department of UNLV's University Libraries. Previously, she worked for the Las Vegas Clark County Library District. Last year she earned her master's degree in library and information science from Ohio's Kent State University. This January, she married Avetis Mazmanyan, '16 BA Economics. He owns the Mediterranean food company Mezze Foods and sells hummus and dips at local Whole Foods stores and at farmers' markets around Las Vegas. He also works for Caesars Entertainment in analytics.

Paula Avery

March 6, 2019
Paula Avery, '92 BS Hotel Administration, works in human resources for a construction company. Previously, she worked in the Las Vegas hospitality industry for 15 years with companies such as Binions Gaming, Sam's Town, New York-New York, and MGM/Mirage during its merger. Her son, Zachary Avery, is a criminal justice major at UNLV. She lives in Henderson.

Lynn Carol Feinn

March 6, 2019
Lynn Carol Feinn, '86 BA French, includes reading, movies , creative writing, and coloring among her hobbies.

Lynette Boggs-Perez

March 5, 2019
Lynette Boggs-Perez, '98 MPA, was elected in May 2019 as the District 7 trustee of the Judson Independent School District, one of the 19 independent school districts in the San Antonio area. She also serves as board secretary of the school district. She is a juvenile and child welfare attorney in San Antonio. She lives in Converse.

Cris Novich

March 5, 2019
Cris Novich, '10 BS Recreation & Leisure Services, is founder and owner of Full Tilt Transportation, a rapidly growing trucking and transportation company located in Reno. Founded in 2017, the company now boasts 20 power units and more than 40 53-foot trailers. Full Tilt's customer core base includes gaming and casino clients that require special procedures, safeguards, heightened security, and reliable transportation for their high-value loads. Under Novich's leadership the customer base continues to expand rapidly. He is the proud father of two small children and is happily married to Jessica, a co-owner of the company. When not working, he is a high school basketball official and a scratch golfer. Personal fitness is his hobby. The family lives in Reno.

Evelyn Garcia Morales

March 5, 2019
Evelyn Garcia Morales, '06 BA Political Science, has been named executive director of the Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas. 

Kathleen Lauckner

December 31, 2018
Kathleen Lauckner, '90 Master of Education, '12 PDD Educational Leadership, was chosen to be a guest lecturer at the new campus of her undergraduate alma mater, Stockton University, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She presented a session titled “Engaging Communities and Stakeholders” for the executive Ed.D. organization leadership program. This opportunity allowed her to share her involvement with communities impacted by the legacy of lead toxicity as well as her engagement with voter participation in issues involving both energy and education. She is an emerita faculty member of UNLV's School of Public Policy and Leadership as well as a part-time instructor in the School of Community Health.

Mac Macdonald

December 10, 2018
Mac Macdonald, '71 BA Psychology, was chosen to be one of the speakers during the 70th-year commemorations of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France. Speaking to several hundred international high school students at the Colville Cemetery, he warned about the addiction to cell phone and entertainment options versus contributing to society through volunteerism, engagement, and participation. "World War II is a fading memory, and the stunning success-against-all-odds of that Allied effort against Hitler's Atlantic fortress is something to be remembered and honored. Civic participation, civil discourse, voter participation, and upholding the values outlined by our Founding Fathers is what those service people died for." He presents slideshows around the country at various conferences showing the re-enactors who annually return to Normandy to honor the sacrifices of their relatives. June 6, 2019, will mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  A corporate trainer in Seattle, he lives in Sequim.

Nolan Stolz

November 5, 2018
Nolan Stolz, '04 Bachelor of Music - Composition, '04 Bachelor of Music - Jazz Studies, is assistant professor and coordinator of the commercial music program at the University of South Carolina Upstate. He recently published the book Experiencing Black Sabbath: A Listener's Companion and released a recording of his composition "Lincoln Highway Suite" on the album Orchestral Masters Vol. 5, recorded by the Brno Philharmonic of the Czech Republic. He lives in Spartanburg.

Dahn Shaulis

November 2, 2018
Dahn Shaulis, '93 Master of Exercise Physiology, '98 PhD Sociology, continues to conduct research focusing on higher education and college choice in his College Meltdown blog. His work includes research on savage inequalities in the K-12 pipeline, lower college enrollments, the student loan debt crisis, subprime colleges, and the adjunct crisis. His latest essay for the Military Times was "8 Tips to Help Vets Pick the Right College. He lives in Pleasantville, New Jersey.  

Linda Darling

October 24, 2018
Linda Manley Darling, '05 BA Art History, is a stock market investor. For the last three years she has been traveling across the United States and Canada. Her hobbies include attending the theater and Tri-City Americans Hockey games. She lives in Kennewick, Washington.