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The Office of Student Conduct is a student-centered, service-oriented office located within the Division of Student Affairs.

Our Mission

The Office of Student Conduct collaborates with the UNLV community to provide an inclusive system through enforcement of the UNLV Student Code of Conduct by:

  • Promoting awareness of student rights and responsibilities.
  • Establishing accountability for student choices.
  • Creating opportunities for involvement in the process.
  • Striving to uphold the values and ethics that advance the common good.

We strive to achieve this mission by:

  • Encouraging involvement of our university community.
  • Providing educational outreach sessions to students, faculty and staff.
  • Participating in thoughtful and developmental conversations.
  • Committing to daily action that reflects our values.
  • Encouraging creating and purposeful sanctions.
  • Providing ethical responses.
  • Establishing accountability to student actions that is appropriate and purposeful.
  • Sharing the conduct code process and how the process works in representing students.

Services for UNLV Community

Whether you need more information on UNLV’s conduct process, have questions about the academic misconduct process, need help on how to handle a disruptive student, we can help.

Student of Concern

Find out what is considered a student of concern, and how you can help.