Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Involvement Fair Participation

All registered student organizations in good standing with the university, Student Involvement & Activities and any other relevant governing entities (Sports Clubs, GPSA, Fraternity & Sorority Life, etc.) are invited to participate in the Involvement Fair.

Involvement fairs are typically held during the first month of the spring and fall semesters. Each participating organization is provided with table space and chairs for 1or 2 members to staff the table. Each fair usually consists of about 150-200 organizations providing opportunities for students to get involved on campus and within the local community through membership recruitment or event marketing. Registration for the Involvement Fairs occurs through the UNLV Involvement Center a few weeks prior to each fair. More information is provided within the registration form and mandatory organizations registration sessions.

Marketing on the UNLV Campus

Printed Materials

  • Registered student organizations may post fliers in designated areas throughout campus.
  • One additional copy may be submitted to the Student Union Information desk located on the first floor of the Student Union to be posted on a the first floor bulletin board
  • Poster Run Information
  • The Student Organization Resource Center (SORCE) staff members post fliers around campus in the weekly Poster Run. Registered Student Organizations can submit up to twenty-five (25) copies of fliers advertising official student organization business which comply with all UNLV policies. Fliers no larger than 11in X 17in must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Thursdays

Public Expressive Zones (free speech)

  • There are multiple locations on campus where students and the public do not need reservations to utilize the outdoor space
  • Free Speech and Advocacy for Student Organizations at UNLV

Electronic Marketing

  • Registered student organizations can advertise their events and initiatives through the UNLV Involvement Center and website by adding their events to the events tab on their organization profiles and selecting the option to request the event be placed on the community-wide calendar. After the request is reviewed by staff, the event will either be accepted or denied. Successful events will be in compliance with the Student Conduct Code and the mission of UNLV.

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News/RAVE Announcements

In addition to the community-wide calendar, students can also submit news announcements to the Program Coordinator in the Student Involvement & Activities overseeing student organizations to be posted on the website as well as sent through the RSO eNewsletter. Student organizations can use the Rebel Announcements via Email (RAVE) system. Successful news requests will be in text format (no attachments) and in compliance with the Student Conduct Code and the mission of UNLV.