Machine Shop

The Science and Engineering Building Machine Shop is a state-of-the-art machining facility that provides services to SEB occupants, other campus researchers, and the broader research community. Its mission is to support researchers by designing and producing the highest quality machined parts for research projects while keeping cost to a minimum.

Operated by a full-time machine shop manager, Clark Bossert, with machining and fabrication experience dating back to 2011 , the 2,500 square-foot facility can accommodate projects of significant size and complexity. Precision machining and attention to the smallest details allow the shop to produce intricate, custom-made parts that suit your needs.

The Machine Shop Manager

In his current role, Clark Bossert works with faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and members of UNLV’s broader research community to identify machining needs, conceptualize designs, and machine parts. The function of his position is to provide high quality, cost-effective design services and machining solutions to campus constituents in support of UNLV’s research mission.

Bossert brings a variety of background experiences to this role having worked in business management, finance, higher education administration, welding, and machining. Prior to joining UNLV in 2017, Bossert earned an Associate of Science degree in Welding Technology in California and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in Virginia.

The Equipment

The 2,500 square-foot facility includes two two-ton overhead cranes, a 300-square-foot loft, and a separated welding area. Shop equipment includes CNC milling machines, welding equipment, conventional mills, lathes, drill presses, grinding equipment, as well as metal cutting and bending equipment. The shop is also capable of utilizing 3-D CAD files for 3-D printing and numerical machining.

High Standards

The SEB Machine Shop is committed to maintaining high standards of precision, providing excellent craftsmanship and superior service, and producing materials that meet or exceed specifications.