Machine Shop FAQs

Where is the SEB Machine Shop located?

The SEB Machine Shop is located in the southwest corner of the SEB on the first floor in room 1129. The Science and Engineering Building is located on the north side of campus along Cottage Grove Avenue, just west of the Cottage Grove parking structure. For more specific location information, please see the interactive campus map.

How do I contact the SEB Machine Shop?

You can reach the SEB Machine Shop Manager, Tony Filipiak, at 702-774-1423 or via email at [email protected]. You may also drop by the shop, located in SEB 1129.

What kind of equipment does the machine shop have?

The SEB Machine Shop has a wide variety of sophisticated equipment. Please see the SEB Machine Shop Equipment page for a list of equipment and more detailed info on each piece.

How should my UNLV department pay for the services provided by the SEB Machine Shop?

You must provide the SEB Machine Shop with your department’s account number. An IDR will be sent to the Purchasing Department, and your account will then be billed shortly after.

Can I go into the SEB Machine Shop and use the equipment myself?

The SEB Machine Shop is not available for use by others. All work must be completed by the SEB Machine Shop staff.

I’m not employed by UNLV, but my business (or agency or other institution) is interested in utilizing the SEB Machine Shop services. Is this possible? If so, how will payment be accepted?
Any research-oriented business, state institution, or other entity not affiliated with UNLV is welcome to employ the services of the SEB Machine Shop. Please contact the SEB Machine Shop manager to discuss the project. Payment for services will be accepted in the form of a personal or business check made out to “The Board of Regents.”