Machine Shop Services and Fee Schedule

From acquisition of raw materials to completion of the finished product, the SEB Machine Shop provides a full range of services. In-house services include machining, welding, painting, assembly, crating, and delivery. The shop can take a blueprint, drawing or picture, CAD model or sketch, and create a computer-aided program to produce a manufactured part.

Fee Schedule

If you are interested in utilizing the services of the SEB Machine Shop, the shop’s manager will discuss the scope of your project and provide an estimate based on the following fee schedule:

Service Academic/Research Private/Corporate
CNC Machining $45 per hour $90 per hour
Manual Machining $45 per hour $90 per hour
Design $45 per hour $90 per hour
TIG and MIG Welding $45 per hour $90 per hour
Waterjet $70 per hour $140 per hour
Rapid Prototyper $45 per plate setup;
$10 per cubic inch
$90 per plate setup;
$20 per cubic inch
Parts/Specialty Hardware Materials at cost Materials cost + markup