Hazard Signs

Hazard signs are useful for alerting the fire department and other first responders to potential hazards that may be contained in a lab or room on campus. One of the benefits of the chemical inventory program is that these signs are automatically generated based on inventory within the system to provide the most complete picture of the overall hazard rating of the room. These signs are updated and redistributed periodically by Risk Management & Safety staff after an annual inventory has been completed. Hazard signs include the following:

  • Room number
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) ratings
  • Relevant caution labels
  • Special warnings
  • QR code linking to relevant CHIMERA reports and quick Safety Data Sheet (SDS) access
  • Last sign update
Hazard Sign Example

Example of a hazard sign (view larger)

By request, optional contact information may also be added to the sign, including the name of the lab director or principal investigator, the laboratory's name, or other contact information relevant to the space. If you wish to update or edit the optional contact information on a hazard sign for a room you manage, or reprint a sign currently in place, you can do so on CHIMERA.