Workers' compensation is a benefit provided to employees who are injured as a result of performing their work duties. NSHE fully supports the right of every employee to file a workers' compensation claim when a work related injury or occupational disease occurs. Filing of a workers' compensation claim is not to be used as grounds for disciplinary action. If you have questions about this policy please contact Risk Management and Safety.

Risk Management and Safety provides support for institutions, departments, and employees regarding workers' compensation issues. Our primary responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating and investigating claims
  • Evaluating coverage issues
  • Developing and interpreting workers' compensation policies and procedures
  • Facilitating the early return-to-work of employees with restrictions
  • Providing workers' compensation information and training
  • Providing ergonomic training and evaluation

Risk Management and Safety also coordinates information with the other parties that are involved in the claim process.

Third Party Administrator (TPA)

The TPA is responsible for making all determinations regarding any claim filed. The TPA evaluates each claim to determine whether the reported injury or disease arose out of and in the course of the employee's employment. They will notify the employee in writing if his or her claim is accepted or denied. If a claim is accepted, they determine what benefits will be provided.

P.O. Box 35350
Las Vegas, NV, 89133-5350

Managed Care Organization (MCO)

The MCO develops a provider network of physicians and specialists who provide care to our injured employees. The TPA and MCO work together to organize the medical treatment the an injured employee receives.

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Las Vegas, NV, 89169