The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) works closely with Principal Investigators (PI) and Department Grant Administrators or the Department/College, providing review, guiding necessary revisions, approval and submission of all sponsored program proposals to ensure compliance. While Pre-Award Research Administrators provide expertise and assistance with this process, it is ultimately the PI’s responsibility to be familiar with all of the sponsor’s proposal requirements. The Research and Other Scholarly Activities Roles and Responsibilities Matrix outlines the general process and identifies the appropriate party that has primary and support responsibilities for different activities throughout the life cycle of a sponsored award.

Competitive Proposals: Those where an application or proposal is submitted in response to a formal announcement, bid, or request in competition with other applicants. Competitive Proposals follow the Start Here guidance below.

Non-competitive Proposals: Have no formal competitive process for review or selection to issue an award or funding. Principal Investigators and the Sponsor have had preliminary discussions about a specific scope of work and now want to formalize the collaboration with a funded sponsored agreement. Non-competitive Proposals follow the submission guidance in the Negotiate and Accept Awards section.

Start Here

For any competitive proposal, send the following four items to your Pre-Award Research Administrator at least 5 business days before the sponsor deadline:

  1. Proposal Routing Form – Signed by the PI, Co-PI’s, Chair, and Dean. OSP prefers electronic signatures. Help for downloading, completing, and signing dynamic pdf forms is available.
  2. Proposal Narrative
  3. Budget Template
  4. Budget Justification